Benefits of burning incense

What is incense

Incense comes in a shape of a stick or a cone. But the main ingredient of incense is a mystery till now. All we know is it is made up of some wood powders, spices, herbs, or a combination of fragrant gums.

Purpose of incense

For centuries people are using incense. It is mainly used in meditation and spiritual and religious occasions. People are using incense from ancient times as a ritual. In the past priest used incense in their religious ritual for peace of mind. Because burning incense was considered a ward off evil energies and bring positive energies so ancient people use incense at their religious places.

But if we talk about the modern world incense burners  is not only used in religious places but now yoga centers and other meditation centers are using incense on a high level. Because it has many other benefits

Types of incense shapes

1.            Sticks

2.            Spirals

3.            Coil

4.            Lose powder

5.            Cones

6.            Raw plants

Benefits of burning incense

There are many benefits of burning incense.

Spiritual benefits

Some religious believers consider burning incense to get rid of evil energies. They believe that the fragrance of incense attracts positive energies. It helps in gaining peace of mind and calmness.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Some herbs help in reducing stress and anxiety. Like smelling lavender can helps in reducing stress. The mild fragrance of incense helps in gaining calmness. So that’s why now every yoga center, meditation center, and spa center is using incense.

Other benefits

Some specific herbs which are used in the making of incense are very helpful for better sleep cycles. It also helps in stimulating brain activity.

Air purifying

Burning incense also helps in purifying the air. It feels really good and refreshing when the surrounding is so pleasant.

Organic product

Incense is also an organic product. So people who are eco-friendly and don’t want to use other chemical-based air purifying sprays can use these organic incense for refreshing air.


Incense is also used in therapy sessions. There is a therapy name aromatherapy. Incense is used in these kinds of therapies. By using this patients feel peace of mind and it is very soothing for them.

Things to take care of before buying incense

Some incense is chemical based now these types of incense are so harmful to health. This chemical-based incense is harmful to lung health.  These incense are made up of artificial fragrances or perfumes. This incense is also very harmful to the environment.  And if you keep using these chemical-based incense it will irritate your skin and eyes.

So be careful before buying any kind of incense

Incense burner

An incense burner is a type of container which is used to hold incense sticks or cones. These burners can be made of clay or stainless steel.

Clay burners

Some people prefer clay burners. Because it has some other benefits

•             Clay burners are eco friendly

•             it has no side effects when the incense is burning

•             clay burners have a specific design when the incense starts releasing its smoke the clay burner looks like a water wall. So it’s very soothing  for the mind and sight as well

 Stainless steel

Where clay burners are stands for simplicity stainless steel burners are stands for luxury. Some Arab people who are fond of luxury prefer stainless steel burners more than clay burners.

Benefits of using incense burners

Incense contains fire when they are burning so it is very important to hold incense sticks carefully for safety purposes. Make sure to keep theincense burners away from cotton, clothes, or any other fire-catching material. 

So incense burners are also very important for safety purpose and it also looks good in your room, workplace, or any meditation center.

Types of incense burners

There are multiple incense burners except for clay and stainless steel

Bowl incense burners

A Bowl burner is just like the shape of a bowl. It is used for loose powder incense.

Boat incense burner

It is also used as an ashtray. It is specifically made for sticks and incense. It is useful to carry the ashes of burning incense.

Coil holders incense burner

It is useful for coil shape incense. It can hold the coil very effectively and it also looks perfect.

Box incense burner

It is like a box it can carry the incense in it. For me, it is very safe for burning incense.

Backflow incense burners

Backflow incense burners are made up of clay. It is specifically designed to backflow the smoke of incense. Cones shape incense can only be used in backflow incense burners.  It looks esthetic.

Brass cones incense burner

It’s a stainless steel cone incense burner with a lid. It is very common and cheap but it is esthetic as well.

How to pick a suitable incense burner

The incense burner should be according to the type of incense itself.  Or it should be according to your wish. Incense burners are also used as decoration pieces so they should be esthetic. And the fragrance should be pleasant. So that your experience with incense went well.

Some incense burners are so expensive and luxurious. They look amazing but the people who can’t afford these insanely expensive burners can go for some cheap burners. 

In the markets of Dubai and turkey, there are many incense burners available. And they are also very cheap.


Burning incense helps you in positive energy according to spiritual believers. According to other reasons, it helps you in your peace of mind, calmness, and stimulating brain activity. It activates our limbic system. The limbic system is responsible for emotions and happiness. That’s how our brain becomes calm.

Having an incense burner at your home and workplace gives you positive energy, and your surroundings became pleasant with the fragrance of incense.

Now incense burners are so esthetic so it’s a pleasant experience of burning incense. It is pleasant to your mind and sight as well. So if you don’t have any experience with incense burners go ahead and buy one for yourself and you can be sent it to your loved ones as a meaningful, beautiful, and esthetic gift.  

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