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Drink Defy alkaline water may be a best way to support a healthy lifestyle. However, do you know that from a health point of view, there are two different types of alkaline water with very significant differences between them?

In this blog post, considering introducing alkaline water, explain the benefits of alkaline water and identify important differences between two types of alkaline water: natural alkaline water and artificial alkaline water. We also share with you the secret that you can easily and cheaply make natural alkaline water using a copper water bottle. dive in! Improve!

What is Alkaline Water?

The term “pH” is a scientific term that essentially refers to the acidity or non-acidity of a liquid. All liquids have a pH, which is expressed on a scale from 0 to 14. Liquids with a low pH (which is close to a pH of 0) are more acidic than liquids, which are liquids with a higher pH (which is closer) to pH. 14).

For example, liquids with a pH less than 7 (such as coffee and vinegar) are acidic liquid, while liquids with a pH higher than 7 (liquid soap and baking soda) are non-acidic liquid, known as “alkaline”. is. Also called “.” Or “basic” fluids. Healthy water has a pH of 7, which is considered neither acidic nor alkaline. Accordingly, alkaline water is water whose pH is higher than 7 and non-. Is acidic. Healthy alkaline water usually occurs. A pH of 8 or 8.5, as discussed in more detail below.

Alkaline water is generally considered beneficial for health. In particular, health advocates trust that alkaline water helps neutralize acidity in the human bodies and thus helps increase energy levels day by day, slows down the aging process, boosts the immune system Is, supports weight loss, detoxifies the body, cleanses the colon, rejuvenates the skin. Health of muscles and joints, and prevents many diseases including cancer.

In fact, recent studies have found that alkaline water can benefit people with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. In addition, other recent studies have found that drinking alkaline water neutralizes acids in the bloodstream, improves circulation and increases oxygen delivery throughout the body.

Differences Between Natural Alkaline Water and Artificial Alkaline Water

In general, alkaline waters are of two types. The first type of alkaline water is commonly called “artificial alkaline water” or “artificially alkaline water”. It is typically water that has been produced by passing tap water through an alkaline water machine, also known as an electrical organizer.

Alkaline water machines are operated by a process called ionization electrolysis or ionization, which is essentially a process that produces water by repeatedly sending electric currents through it. During this process, water molecules are forcibly split by electric current and are usually pushed onto metal plates made of platinum and titanium. This process leads to an exchange of platinum and titanium ions, which essentially “forces” the water into a greater state of alkalinity. Adjusting the electric current determines how many ions are forced into water. Some alkaline water machines also come with artificial powders that can be added to water to make it even more alkaline.

Alkaline water machines typically raise the water pH (the “neutral level” of normal water) to an extreme level of 7 to 12 or 13, which is lower than the highest possible pH level (with a pH of 14).

While alkaline water machines are widely available to buy online as well as in many stores, they are often marketed very aggressively with claims of being false or misleading. As a result, you should take significant precautions when considering investing in an alkaline water machine. In fact, as noted below, many health advocates have warned that drinking artificial alkaline water for extended periods can have serious side effects on health.

One reason advanced by health advocates is that the metal contained in alkaline water machines (platinum and titanium) is toxic and harmful to your health. According to, while water will becomes more alkalines as it passes through an alkaline water machine, it will also become increasingly toxic. In addition, alkaline water machines can raise the pH of water to extreme levels, which can negatively affect the body.In particular, excessive alkalinity can reduce natural stomach acidity, which can make your body susceptible to bacteria and viruses. In addition, drinking too much alkaline water can cause gastrointestinal problems, which negatively affect bone health and skin irritation, as well as other health problems.

Artificial alkaline water is similar to “empty food” which is high in calories but lacks the essential minerals that your body needs to thrive. In fact, a study published by the World Health Organization warns against drinking water with low mineral content. This “trick” can cause the body to release mineral reserves in the blood and kidneys, which can eventually lead to a lack of minerals in the body. In addition, powders provided with alkaline water machines are not pure and can also have negative health consequences. Beyond these health concerns, purchasing and operating alkaline water machines can also be costly.

Issues related to artificial alkaline water are known as “natural alkaline water”, “naturally alkaline water” or “living water”, which can be avoided by drinking. Natural alkaline water is essentially naturally aromatic water that has become alkaline as a result of its natural environment. For example, water can be naturally alkaline as it passes through a mountain spring. As water flows and rubs against rocks in the earth, it will naturally pick up and absorb various minerals which will increase the pH of the water and make it more alkaline. In contrast to artificially alkaline water, naturally alkaline water naturally has an alkaline pH of 8 or 8.5, which is very healthy for your body.

Unfortunately, as long as you live near a mountain waterfall, you may feel that you do not have the option to buy natural alkaline water from a grocery store or health food store. Unfortunately, this type of water is almost always packaged in plastic bottles, which can release chemicals in the water and harm your health. In addition, plastic bottles are very harmful to the environment. Beyond these concerns, bottled water is generally expensive and can quickly add costs.

In addition, it is important to take important precautions when purchasing alkaline water in bottled form. Many grocery stores and specialty stores sell bottled alkaline water as natural alkaline water, when it is actually artificially alkaline water. In general, this water is produced through the process of reverse osmosis and then mixed with the powder to alkaline it. As mentioned above, these powders are often not pure and may be harmful to health.

Fortunately, as described in more detail below, you can easily, safely and inexpensively create your own natural alkaline water using issues related to artificial alkaline water and bottled alkaline water.

How to Make Natural Alkaline Water Using Your Copper Water Bottle

When you store water in a copper water bottle, water naturally and safely absorbs very small amounts of copper. It naturally ionizes water and makes water a natural alkaline water.

As a result, the copper water bottle is essentially a natural alkaline water bottle. In fact, the process of making natural alkaline water in a copper bottle is more preferred, making water a natural alkaline water in nature. In natures, water can become alkaline by passing through a absorbing minerals and mountain spring. The water stored in the copper water bottle essentially does the same thing, rubbing against the copper bottle walls.

In fact, in a recent study, scientists studying the effect of storing water in a copper vessel determined that the water had become alkaline. In particular, scientists found that the pH of water increases rapidly after being deposited in a copper vessel. In addition, scientists studied the effect of copper vessels on microbially contaminated drinking water, including serious bacteria such as E.coli and Salmonella. Incredibly, scientists determined that water infected with these bacteria completely rot after being stored in a copper vessel for several hours at room temperature.

Apart from making the water naturally alkaline, storing water in a copper water bottle can have other health benefits. Copper is an essential mineral, and also copper water (also known as “copper water” in Ayurvedic medicine, and is commonly referred to as “copper water” or “copper charged water”). You know, it can have excellent health benefits. For example, copper is anti-bacterial, acts as an effective anti-oxidant, improves immunity, supports good health, prevents aging, eliminates toxins and free radicals And stimulates the brain. Because copper is inherently antibacterial, copper water bottles are naturally self-sterilizing and do not require cleaning like other water bottles. Interestingly, copper water vessels have been recognized for their health benefits throughout history.

Making alkaline water using a copper water bottle is as easy as pouring water into your copper water bottle and making it naturally alkaline. The water placed in the copper vessel will rapidly become alkaline and remain in the copper vessel itself, and the speed and degree of the alkaline process will depend on different  environmental factors including the temperatures of the water and its original pH levels. In general, if the water is at room temperature or slightly warm, the natural alkalization process will occur slightly faster.

You can use any type of water in your copper water bottle, including tap water, water that has passed through a filter or bottled water. You will see the biggest difference with tap water, which is usually the least alkaline and requires the most care. Although tap water is generally fine in most First World cities, you can consider filtering the water before putting it in your copper water bottle.

Make sure you use a copper water bottle that is made of 100% pure high-grade food-safe copper and does not contain any other metals, alloys or linings. Do your research and make sure that you are avoiding some manufacturers (especially those selling on Amazon and eBay and making their own copper bottles in China and India) that claim pure copper water bottles, which There are actually plain metal bottles. Copper. Also avoid vendors selling coated copper bottles on the interior with toxic lacquer. Our copper bottles are 100% pure high grade food-safe copper and do not contain any toxic material of any kind.

In addition, you should try to use a hammer copper water bottle, as the texture of the hammer inside the copper water bottle increases, causing contact with the water stored in it. The more physical contact between water and copper, the greater the health benefits and accelerates the natural alkaline process.

In general, we suggest storing water in your copper water bottle for 6-8 hours for the most beneficial effect. For best results and a healthy start to your morning, try to store water in your copper water bottle overnight and drink it first thing in the morning. For some great tips on the healthiest ways to drink water, see our recent blog post about healthy ways to drink water.

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