Benefits of a Village Retreat

As you wake up in your modernized world to the hustle and bustle of getting ready and get to work through all the city traffic, do you ever think about just taking some time to yourself and escape to a peaceful place among the hills? 

That thought would have crossed your mind someday when the climate is just perfect to stay in bed all day and you do not have the slightest interest in facing the world or doing your routine chores. 

So why not just sit back and enjoy a holiday at any wellness retreats such as a yoga retreat, spa retreat, ayurvedic retreat, digital detox retreat or, even better, a village retreat. Wondering why a village retreat is special? Here are some reasons. 


Our daily life can be exhausting with so many responsibilities. The work-life balance is not that easy to maintain. Day in and day out every one of us is struggling to survive and in the name of survival, we forget who we are and what we want in life. 

Sometimes it is better to take a break from your regular everyday life and try something new, like village life. The blissful environment in a village surrounded by nature in its raw form can be very relaxing. 

A getaway to a village can help you find yourself and discover what you want to do with your life. The simplicity of the people living in the village can be very humbling and you may realize that city life is just a façade. 

Holistic development 

There are five aspects that have to be fulfilled for the holistic development of a person and that includes physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and intellectual wellbeing. In the earlier days when everyone used to live as a joint family, every family member used to learn from one another and contribute to the growth of each other. 

These days, on the contrary, the modern man craves independence more than anything which is, in turn, making them anti-social and spiritually disconnected. The everyday routine makes one emotionally drained as well. 

When you go to a village retreat, there is no room for anti-socialism, where everyone lives like brothers and family members. After all, isn’t that the essence of a village – the unity and brotherhood. 

Sustainable living

Expectations of city life are too high. A city home is complete only when it has all the amenities that includes a fridge, microwave, washing machine, etc. On the other hand, the village lifestyle is very simple. 

It teaches a person to live sustainably with whatever is available at one’s disposal. Everything in a village is dependent on nature. Living in a village can also teach us to be eco-friendly and contribute your part in saving the planet from global warming by adopting renewable energy sources. 

In no time you will not only lend a hand in saving the planet but also save yourself in the process by changing your lifestyle. 

Authentic cultural immersion

Experience the authentic village experience by living among the locals and learning their way of life. There are no targets to meet or orders to follow. You just have to live for yourself and your loved ones. Now that does sound like a magical escape. 

In this day and age where people are depending on computers and gadgets to get their work done, explore your inner strength. Instead of pushing yourself in the gym, exercise along with nature by indulging in organic farming. 

After a long day’s work, you sure will be sleeping like a baby with no worries or thoughts to disturb you. Overthinking will just be a word in the dictionary that will not hinder your sleep. 

Additionally, replenish your body with food free from the dangerous chemical pesticides and revitalize them with lots of uncontaminated proteins, vitamins, and minerals. 

Experiential learning 

“Practice makes a man perfect” is an age-old saying that emphasizes practical learning experiences. Be it organic farming or changing your lifestyle by living the village life, practical experiences are always the best way to learn something new.

Pamper yourself by waking up to the sweet sound of the birds, the sound of the grazing cattle, surrounded by greenery and not your usual busy “street view”. What better way to start your day than a walk among nature or in the market? 

Immerse yourself in the local culture and transform your life through the earthen ways. Most of all calm your body and mind, get in touch with your true self, and reinvent yourself.