9 Main Benefits of a New Boiler Installation

A boiler system does not use forced air to distribute heat across your place. It uses hot water to keep your home warm and cosy. A number of tubes are installed on the subfloor of each room, occasionally with terminal features like baseboard heaters and radiators.

There are many boiler heating systems, each suited to a different individual. Each comes with a range of advantages. If you replace your boiler with an efficient and modern one and upgrade your heating controls, you will see numerous benefits. Keep reading and learn about the benefits of a new gas Boiler Installation Fulham.

A new gas boiler will save you money

We all replace thongs when they get older or become less reliable, whether it’s a fridge, a car, or a television. As we all know, when it comes to buying new things, there is always a financial outlay. However, if you buy a new boiler, you will see a remarkable return on your investment. Replacing your boiler with a new one means visible and instant savings, or switching to a modern combi boiler can reduce gas bills by about a third. Also, repairing an old boiler is costly, especially when its parts become obsolete.

They save energy

Boilers usually cost more to install. Although the installation cost is more, it costs less to run a boiler over time. Water is a more effective method of heating your home than air; therefore, a boiler can heat your home more efficiently while saving energy and money.

You can have hot water on demand

After installing a new boiler, there will be no waiting, and hot water will always be available whenever you need it. Because when you heat water on demand, it saves you a lot of time and energy.  You can set the thermostat according to your need, and it will automatically turn off when it reaches the set temperature.

If we talk about combi-boilers, they draw water from the main pipes and pass it through the heat exchanger, meaning you will get the bonus of the main’s pressure hot water. 

Durable and long-lasting

Considering how a boiler works, it is constructed with fewer moving parts than a heat pump or a furnace system. While a forced-air system has a blower fan to operate and many motors, a boiler has only a circulator pump – the only major moving component. 

Boiler Installation Fulham
Boiler Installation Fulham

Requires fewer repairs and maintenance

Boilers have one more benefit because of the low number of moving parts: it requires less maintenance to keep them running properly. And they also experience fewer repair issues than other heating systems.

Provides even distribution of heat

One of the many problems homeowners face is that their rooms are partially heated, or if they are using forced-air heating systems, the heated air collects at the top of a room. That is why it takes much time to spread out thoroughly until the whole space gets comfortable. The heat coming from the boiler moves evenly throughout the space.

Say goodbye to the old water tank

One of the many reasons homeowners love a new combi Boiler Installation Teddington is that it saves a lot of space.  You don’t get instant hot water if you have a large water cylinder. Instead, with a modern boiler, you will have a neat, streamlined unit that will take care of the hot water and heating. Furthermore, the compact design is perfect for small houses and apartments.

A warm and comfy boiler

Thanks to the digital thermostat and timer, each room of yours will have a different and separate ambient temperature according to your need and requirement. Most people like their sitting room at 19-22°C. You can have a good night’s sleep at a lower temperature, but you can set it warmer when you wake up in the morning. Moreover, we all hate a cold bathroom so you can adjust it to a toasty 23°C.

Meanwhile, if a spare room is not being used, you can simply to a lower temperature or just shut the temperature off until needed.

A lovely looking boiler

You might think that only engineers admire a boiler’s beauty, but that is not the case. You have to accept that a modern boiler is stylish and a good-looking kit. It is simple and sleek, with concealed pipes and minimal controls. Moreover, wall-mounted combi boilers are very compact and look great in your cupboard than in an ugly water tank.


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