Benefits of a green roof

Environmental friendly

New roof plantation is environmental friendly as plants produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the air. It cleans up the air and aids in reducing global warming.Green roofs helps in reducing the flow of dust particles in the air and the production of smog, which helps in lowering the greenhouse emissions in urban areas.

Increased lifespan of the roof

Green roof is capable enough to deal with the wind and rain.Not only this but it also protects from harmful ultraviolet light and fluctuating temperatures too.The barrier of green plants helps in protecting the waterproof membrane underlying. Hence, the rooftop’s life expectancy lasts well for decade.

Increased Property Value

New roof plantation eventually increases the re-sale value and the rental value of the property. It adds to the beauty of the property and make it more desirable.

New roof plantation protects against heat and cold

Property and buildings with roof gardens tend to lose about 30% less heat in the winter, and make it much cooler in summers. Roof plantation also improves the thermal resistance of the roof assembly whole year round,specifically in summers it reduces the cooling cost thus saving fuel. It also helps in lowering down the noise levels from typical extensive green roofs. It reduces sounds by up to three decibel and improve sound facilitation by up to eight decibel.

Roof Garden aids in diverse habitats

Green roofs help in creating biodiversity. When roof garden is planted with primeval flora,it can be a shelter to a lot of native birds and can provide habitat to insect population too.

Urban Agriculture

Roof plantation promotes urban agriculture. With the help of plants on the top of the roof, people can adopt miniature farming where they can produce fresh foods such as different variety of fruits and vegetables.

Reduced Stress levels

Person who is frequently in contact with the mother nature is mentally healthy.Not only this, but due to decreased pollution levels,increased air and water quality the person is more likely to be healthy and happy. Less stress makes the person more happy and productive.

Controlling the Urban heat Island effect

It surely is one of the most splendid and important benefits of the rooftop gardens. Roof plantations positively influence the Urban Heat Island effect.The Urban heat island theory is based on the increased temperature levels found in all the industrial and urban areas. It is due to heating up of the tangible objects faster than the plants and the trees.

As we all know that in urban areas the presence of material things is in abundance so the city becomes a big hot aired land (heat island) through out the year. This makes the urban land exceptionally hot in summer. It also leads to an increased usage of air conditioners and other cooling technologies.This effect decreases with more and more plantation and gardens we are able to incorporate in the urban areas. Roof gardens is one such source which helps in lowering the urban heat island effect.