Benefits of a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is one of the most common procedures in oral and maxillofacial surgery. It consists of reshaping the teeth and gums and rebuilding the jawbone and supporting structures to create a functional new mouth. It is a popular cosmetic dentistry Hilliard procedure used to correct many conditions, including cleft lip and palate, developmental defects, tooth loss, gum disease and other oral health problems.

A dentist will perform a detailed examination of your mouth before making decisions about possible surgical techniques for your specific case. The surgeon uses custom-made instruments to perform surgery on your face and jaws. There are several benefits associated with full mouth reconstruction:

Improved appearance

The first benefit of full mouth reconstruction is improved appearance. When you have missing teeth in your smile, it makes your smile look less defined, less attractive, and less confident. A full mouth reconstruction will improve your overall appearance by replacing those missing teeth with new ones that are stronger and more attractive than what you had before.

Improved speech

A full mouth reconstruction can improve speech by giving you more room for your tongue and lips, enabling you to speak with less strain on your face and neck muscles. The improvement can also make breathing through your nose easier during speech and reduce stress on your vocal cords, which can lead to voice fatigue in time.

Enhanced self-esteem

A full mouth reconstruction can give you a new look and make you feel confident in your smile again. Dentists can do this by reshaping your teeth and gums and rebuilding the jawbone and supporting structures to create a functional new mouth.

Better dental health

Full mouth reconstruction can also improve your overall dental health by restoring lost teeth and making them easier to clean and care for properly with dentures or implants.

Improved breathing

The size and shape of your mouth directly impact how well you can breathe. If your upper lip is smaller than your lower lip, it may be difficult for you to open wide enough to take in air when you speak or laugh. That can cause shortness of breath or asthma symptoms in some cases. When you have total mouth reconstruction surgery, the surgeon will reshape your lips to ensure they are similar in size (horizontally) and parallel with each other (vertically). That creates a more symmetrical jawbone structure which helps improve breathing ability significantly.

Improved chewing, swallowing and eating

An improved palate will allow you to chew food more efficiently, which may lead to better digestion. That could mean fewer digestive problems down the road. You may also be able to eat without wearing dentures or uncomfortable partial dentures.

Reduced pain

Perhaps you have suffered from toothaches or headaches due to a misaligned bite. In that case, a mouth reconstruction can help alleviate this problem by placing the teeth in a position that alleviates pressure on sensitive nerves. The result is less pain and fewer headaches for you.

Full mouth reconstruction aims to restore the facial structure and function so that you can eat, speak, smile and laugh. If you have lost all of your teeth in front and, or on both sides of the mouth, this reconstruction might be suitable for you. Contact Innovative Dental Ideas to schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist to discuss your treatment options.