Benefits of 360 degree security cameras in a company

There are many and varied benefits that 360 degree security cameras can provide for a company that wants to keep its facilities safe and wants to provide security for its employees. We invite you to continue reading to learn more about this type of camera.

Undoubtedly, video surveillance around the world has evolved, and hundreds of companies have incorporated security cameras to preserve the safety of the people who work in it and protect spaces and equipment.

Advantages of 360 degree security cameras

Next we will list a series of features and benefits of 360 degree security cameras in a company.

Wide visual field of spaces

If you are concerned that many of the security cameras on the market are not suitable, since they do not have a wide field of view, we recommend 360 security cameras in Chicago.

One of the characteristics of these equipment is that they have a 360-degree field of vision with a mega-pixel lens to offer a spectacular panoramic viewing angle of the entire environment where the equipment has been installed. To this, add the excellent resolution that some cameras offer.

Fewer cameras to monitor a scene

Given its 360-degree viewing and the ability to capture the image with its fisheye lens, it will no longer be necessary to require additional equipment, which occupies more space or represents a greater investment.

Also, when reviewing videos, you can select from four different modes to view the image.

Greater response compared to traditional cameras

With this type of camera, you can have a shorter response time to an incident since it is possible to verify the entire image of a sector. This is because they divide the recording into four different images.

Quality zoom and people counting

One of the aspects that can most concern companies in the matter of their security is not having equipment that gives them a professional image with the basic requirements to identify the people or the element that caused the situation that put the company at risk. people’s lives or in danger to the company’s equipment.

The 360 ​​degree cameras offer a quality zoom that allows you to see without problem any corner of the environment where you are.

In addition, it has the ability to count people, through the artificial intelligence technology that the equipment has incorporated. In this way, you would not have to worry about not knowing who enters, leaves or causes any situation of danger or risk in your company.

Night vision as if it were day

Most crimes are committed during the night as the darkness does not allow the identification of the perpetrators. However, 360-degree cameras have the ability to do facial recognition even in the dark. In addition, they detect patterns of behavior at times where there is greater fluctuation of people and give a clear image about what is happening.

View from any device

Although 360 degree cameras incorporate many technological elements that make them an indispensable device, they would not be complete if they did not allow viewing on any device (mobile or not).

With the equipment software, you can see the image in real time from any computer, notebook, cell phone, Smartphone or tablet, if they are directly connected to the Internet.

360 degree security cameras have the main function of video surveillance of any environment, offering you the ability to record 24/365, with its sharp lens that identifies people’s faces, covering the entire perimeter in an integral way.

Of course, even if you have to make an initial investment, it is still the best option to protect the security of your assets and real estate, in addition to having better control of the people who enter or live within your company or organization.