Benchtop Water Coolers For Businesses

When it comes to your business, there are many things that you need to keep on top of. From levels of productivity and profit to utilities, there can be a lot to worry about in order to keep your office running smoothly and efficiently. But it’s important to also be aware of your employees’ needs! Keep in mind that people spend most of their day at work and as such, ensuring that they have access to adequate sources of hydration and kitchen implements can really make a difference in their experience at work. Aside from this,


in order to have an office that has high productivity levels and staff that is highly motivated, it’s important to foster a pleasant office environment that encourages honest communication both with other staff members as well as management. Even something as simple as providing your office space with a benchtop water cooler can boost morale within your staff members and help inspire new ideas for the flourishing of your business.


It Suits Your Business and Office Needs

As employees work on tasks towards the completion of business goals, it’s just as important to keep in mind their needs to be able to work comfortably and with confidence. This can range from ensuring that there are easily accessible, working toilets, fast internet, a stocked office pantry, and perhaps most significantly, access to fresh, great-tasting drinking water. 


While it can be easy to just rely on tap water for regular hydration, keep in mind that not everyone likes the taste of tap water and people have different preferences, including cold water, spring water or perhaps even both. If you are thinking that this may result in added operating expenses, investing in a water source that is great-tasting and high quality does not have to burn a hole in your pocket!


This is where benchtop water coolers come into play. For an affordable price every month, you have the option to choose from different types of water coolers for your staff member’s ease of use. From water coolers that dispense cool and cold water to hot and cold water dispensers, you have the freedom to pick what will best meet your office requirements. 


A great complementary bonus to benchtop water coolers, is that you do not have to worry about losing space, especially if your office set-up is small. Simply place it on the benchtop and with the push of a button, your office can have free-flowing, great-tasting water on standby. Not to mention, employees participating in water cooler talk can not only refresh their minds when they take a break but also give them a new perspective as they resume their daily duties. This also helps to foster a friendly environment at work that can help motivate your staff to perform at their best. After all, conversations by the water cooler are more relaxed, which can help employees not only unwind from potentially stressful tasks and come back energised, but they also come up with new perspectives which can address changing business needs whilst taking a short water break.


These water coolers not only provide high quality, chilled water for drinking straight up, but depending on the type that you choose, they can also provide hot water for coffees, teas, soups, and everything in between. This means that you’ll be providing convenience for your employees both with hydration and nutrition, making it easier for them to focus on what really matters: accomplishing tasks promptly, hitting business goals, and working towards the success of the company.


How To Find the Best Benchtop Water Coolers Australia


When trying to find a benchtop water cooler for your business, cost should not be the only factor in your decision. Buying or hiring the cheapest option may be great for your business budget in the short term, but it’s always best to do a little bit of research into your options before deciding on which water cooler to place in your office space. If you are planning on hiring a water cooler, it’s especially important to look into the quality of the cooler that you are considering. Do not be afraid to ask questions and if possible, have a chat with the supplier to be able to ascertain whether or not the quality of the water dispensing unit will be able to handle regular office use. And if, on the off chance, something does occur and your water cooler unit is not working as it should it’s important to ask what their maintenance and repair procedures are. 


Aside from this, consider the delivery systems available to you. How frequently will water be delivered to the office? Will you be able to change the number of water bottles delivered  according to changing business needs? Does it require a staff member to be present in order to be delivered, or will you be able to leave out empty bottles for the route sales personnel to swap over? 


If you are a local business, you might be thinking that it’s also important to give back to the community and support your fellow local businesses when you can. If this is a priority for you, then you can also look into the water cooler suppliers that you know are local and utilise their services, ensuring that you are supporting the local community too!


These are some of the points that need to be addressed before finalising your decision. Not only will having these details sorted make it easier to choose the perfect fit for your office, but it’ll make it more convenient and not time-consuming for your staff to have readily-available water in their office space. It’s not a bad thing to be exacting with this decision because after all, not only do water coolers help keep your staff members hydrated, they also encourage communication between employees and inspiring new ideas that may possibly take your business to new heights.