Being eco-friendly with your domestic cleaning is extremely important!

It’s great that you’re doing a good job of cleaning, but how effective are you when it comes to battling global warming? It might appear as though doing the dishes and worrying about the future of the planet are two completely unrelated things, but the reality is that it is the way that people live their lives that has led to the global problems that we are already witnessing all around us. You will no doubt understand that a large industry, the continued use of fossil fuels, and a resistance to change have led to our current predicament; however, what are the sources of revenue for these larger corporations? The end user would be you.

Awareness that your actions in life contribute to a larger whole is important, as if the message gets through to enough people, then differences will be made. At the moment, the slope is a slippery one, and the planet is already in massive jeopardy, so it is essential that you start taking responsibility for your contribution, whether it is with the cleaning or any other part of your life. Further information can be acquired here: air safecleaner.

For a start, you need to think about your overall sustainability. The fact of the matter is that you must live in a way that does not take more than it gives back, and this can only be the case if the materials you live off are sustainable. This essentially means that you need to avoid plastics where you can, and use products that are as long-lasting as possible. There is a worldwide use of disposable cleaning items that needs to be stopped, as it is by its nature, extremely unsustainable. The fact is, for every paper towel you throw away, another has to be produced, which means cutting down trees and factories polluting the air. A sponge, flannel, or cloth will last hundreds of times longer than a paper towel, so why not use one of them? It will reduce your spending as well, given that you will have such an item for so long.

Think about the tools you use as well. Plastic dustpans or buckets are notoriously short-lasting, which means that you have to get rid of them and buy a new one every few months. A metal bucket and a wooden mop will usually be in the household for years, as well as being a lot less harmful to produce in the first place! When you do dispose of plastics, ensure that you recycle them, as the landfill that throwing such things away contributes to is quite sickening.

The chemicals in the cleaning products that people use are also extremely bad for the water systems that you flush them into after use. You only need to look at the back of certain products to see that they are harmful, so why would you douse the planet in them? There are eco-cleaning products out there, that use plant extracts and minerals to get the cleaning done, but they can be quite expensive. One of the best solutions is to look into the age-old practice of using natural cleaning agents that can be found in the home. Learn more about how domestic cleaning is very important for your home improvement by clicking here better homeguide. Lemon, vinegar, and baking soda are all excellent to clean with, throughout the home, so it is well worth having a look at how you can mix these things to make different cleaning products. The acid in the lemon and vinegar will cut through grease, whilst the baking soda absorbs smells and provides a carbonated cleaning action, making the job at hand much easier, whilst not being too harmful to you or the planet!


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