Being Adventurous With Colourful Sandals

The coming season promises to be a colourful affair it would be truer to say the spring and summer are going to be in technicolour. This includes a broad spectrum of hues in the footwear department too.

Summary sandals in icy metallic greys and bejewelled, strappy delights that look great both for daytime wear and at night – shocking pink, purple and neon green. The question is ‘how does a girl get it right and not end up looking like the rainbow after a storm? Read on and find out the secret to being stylishly colourful this summer.

Choose a Neutral Base Colour

Blending vibrant colours to achieve the perfect look takes a bit of careful planning. One way to get it right is to go with a blank canvas to start with. Choose a neutral base colour for an outfit – even white will do it, and then coordinate the colours on top by adding layers – it’s a huge trend for the spring and summer seasons. The more layers the better.

Finish the look off with a brightly coloured pair of strappy gladiator sandals and this could either be a pair of flat sandals or ones with small and very feminine heels.

Be Brave & Go for Gold

For that evening out with friends, go for gold and then add colour by wearing a brightly coloured scarf – kitten heels are wonderful with glitzy outfits, so choose a pair of intricately decorated sandals with tiny heels to finish off a really ‘girls’ night out look that will turn more than a few heads. Gold is a great colour to wear with glitzy outfits. Glitzy ensembles look fantastic when accessorised with the colour gold.

Stay Bright & Beautiful

As soon as the sun comes out, it’s time to have fun and this means having a great time with your wardrobe. Mixing and matching bright colours is allowed this season it’s obligatory. Rich cobalt blue shorts, skirts and trousers worn with saturated lemon yellow tops married to wonderful yellow wedge-heeled sandals might sound a little too much – but once that sun is shining, the look couldn’t be better! Visit the website celebrity curry to get detailed information about the latest fashion trending ideas.

Slick Stylish Sandals

There should not be a single girl in the world who does not own at least one pair of slim jeans. The best way to bring them to life is to wear a top with bright colour and then finish off the look with a pair of stylish gladiator sandals – the more colourful they are, the better, but be careful not to draw too much attention to your feet if they are on the larger size. This is a great way to bring them to life. You can detract attention from your feet by accessorising your outfit with a lot of colourful bangles and vivid necklaces that are on the chunkier side in appearance. This will bring the focus to the top portion of your body.

Colourful Wedges & Shorts

Pair up colourful wedge sandals with shorts for those long, hot summer days. Khaki shorts are easy to wear summer clothes and you can jazz up a look by wearing stylish cork wedge sandals with them, add a nice loose light and bright fabric top and you’ve got yourself a stylish colourful summer look that’s never going to be over the top.

Wedge sandals are great, they give you more height and a longer-looking tanned leg. Pale tangerine orange, pink and flowery wedge sandals or a super high wedge sandal look fabulous with shorts. Click here novel style blog to read in-depth articles about the latest trends and styles.