Behnoode Foundation is all set to partner with WOW Summit. Here’s what it means!

When the two best names in the businesses come together, wonders are bound to happen. One of the most awaited partnerships is of Behnoode Foundation and WOW (World of Web3) Summit. Both the names are well-established in their respective fields and have made a significant contribution. While Behnoode Foundation has often promoted art and culture internationally, WOW Summit has played a significant role in connecting global NFT and DeFi leaders with international businesses, government authorities, tech visionaries, investors, and developers.

It would not be wrong to say that this association will bring art and modern-day technology together. Behnoode Foundation has been a pioneer in taking art culture on a global level. Founded by Behnood Javaherpour in 2016, the renowned art museum has ensured that each piece of artwork done by the artists gets much-needed recognition. Behnoode Foundation in these last five years has been the ultimate destination for emerging and well-established artists.

Committed to expanding the art experience, Behnoode Foundation has developed an art community that is a true depiction of creativity. This one-of-a-kind partnership will have highly experienced leaders discuss the evolution of art in these years. More so, at the event, senior decision-makers and speakers from different walks of life will discuss how blockchain technology shall impact the majority of business ventures.

Speaking about this collaboration, Behnood Javaherpour said, “This is one association we all are looking forward to. Innovation is a must, and we are excited to upgrade from time to time.” Imbibing the right education about art, Behnoode Foundation is actively helping children in Nepal, Iran and Africa by building schools for underprivileged kids. Making quality education a priority, Behnood Javaherpour has set an example in nurturing and promoting artists across the globe.

The foundation in September extended its support to Bangladesh Art Week that had launched three distinctive events like ‘Identity. Who are you… Today?’, ‘Undefined territory’ and “Connection. International Creative Residency Program” in Dubai. And now, the latest collaboration of Behnoode Foundation and WOW Summit 2021 is all set to welcome novelty by bringing many artists and tech experts under one roof.

In the coming time, Behnoode Foundation has got an array of events that will give artists exposure to other fields. While concluding, the founder stated that collaborations like these will give artists a direction to set a benchmark and bring different forms of art culture to life.