Artificial technology has advanced beyond most of our wildest expectations. Once the only domain of fast-paced science fiction narratives, technology has emerged as a significant player in several sectors, including banking, retail, healthcare, and transportation. Experts in various domains have significantly benefited from artificial intelligence (AI), which is continuously being improved, thanks partly to the work of developers and engineers like Shailaja Salagrama. It offers a common topic of discussion in recent years.

One such specialist is software developer Shailaja Slagrama, who has used AI professionally for many years. She has been tinkering with the AI branch of machine learning (ML) to develop recommender systems for enterprises and e-commerce. Recommender systems make product or service recommendations to users based on their purchasing histories and comparable behaviors from other users by utilizing process pools of big data.

Shailaja says, “As an advisor, I assess technological trends to suggest tactics for creating new goods, business models, and innovations for present enterprise clients.” Therefore, he must keep up with the rapid advancement of technology to provide her clients with strategies and solutions that work best in the current environment while also giving them the flexibility to modernize as needed.

Her work has enabled her to explore a wide range of industries, and she has discovered that the diversity of projects is a wonderful source of inspiration and motivation for her to advance her knowledge and abilities. There have been local ventures and large international corporations participating in others. Some have worked in blatantly technological domains.

Shailaja’s distinct background in artificial intelligence has allowed her to observe how technology develops and affects companies worldwide. She has worked for Practice her entire career, which has given her unmatched chances to investigate cutting-edge technology and always learn and develop. She says, “I started in the AI Practice, specializing in content, commerce, and portals.” Her career has been full of varied experiences; she started at the top IT in India, where she developed her technical skills and set up a massive documentation system. She had exposure to other countries and had her perspectives expanded by this experience. However, AI’s benefits extend beyond e-commerce. Technology has developed into a dynamic tool system in many sectors, including cybersecurity, healthcare, and finance.

Shailaja expresses excitement about the potential of this technology.

“This industry is expanding quickly, and in my opinion, artificial intelligence is only as good as the businesses and Businesses can genuinely profit from its intended utility. When sales procedures are executed correctly, customers will value them and may even become enthusiastic about future purchases. She gained proficiency in creating cutting-edge machine learning models, innovative data science solutions in a hybrid cloud environment, and extracting significant insights from sizable allotted data sets. These crucial insights include segmenting consumer data according to a product or service’s demographics, geography, and popularity. Using these insights, she refines several machine learning technologies, including those that power product recommendation algorithms.

Shailaja Salagrama has ten years of professional experience in IT, where she specializes in the AI field. Currently, she works at a leading cloud-based company. She expresses excitement for the future, personally and in terms of AI. I have a lot planned for the future, yet I feel I am only getting started. However, for now, I’m content with my current job.

Shailaja participated in the many to start her career as a Software Developer. Her work focused on developing a visual system for the humanoid robot. The occasion attracted significant personalities such as IEEE, which received widespread coverage in the international media. This competition significantly impacted the development of ideas and research in vision-based robotic manipulation. The first research outputs from Shailaja were academic papers published in the prestigious Springer and presented at international IT conferences.

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