Beginner’s Guide to Streaming Game on Twitch

Game streaming has become a widespread practice over the years in the advent of platforms like Twitch. The platform allows users to stream popular games like The Last Of Us 2 review, live sports, cooking shows, and more while interacting with each other. Famous streamers have already amassed a considerable following on the platform, attracting thousands of views every day.

While more avid gamers are taking to the practice, the idea of starting a Twitch stream and attracting an audience isn’t easy, especially if you’re not the most tech-savvy person. Here’s a brief on how to set up a Twitch channel to begin streaming games on the platform.

What You Need

1.  Streaming Hardware

Streaming on Twitch is relatively simple as long as you have the necessary equipment. You can use the PS4 and the Xbox One as they already have built-in streaming capabilities, but if streaming on a PC ensure it has the following features:

  •         Windows 7 or newer
  •         8GB of RAM
  •         Intel Core i5-4670 processor

2.  Fast Download Speed

Your internet speed should be fast to eliminate lag when streaming games. A download speed of at least 4-6 Mbps is ideal. If you are already streaming videos on Netflix, then you’ll have no trouble streaming on Twitch.

3.  Webcam

The personality you bring to the game can make or break your streaming experience. Having a webcam helps you showcase your personality to your target audience, encouraging viewers to stick around for more content. If using a camera, ensure the space has good lighting, and there are minimal distractions. Avoid setting it up where other people are likely to interrupt.

4.  Streaming software

The software enables you to broadcast games to Twitch. The most popular is OBS, but you can use other versions like Xsplit, Wirecast, Xsplit Gamecaster, Light Stream, among others, as long as it is compatible with your PC’s Operating System. Most of the software have free versions as well as premium plans that come with additional features like high video resolution and extra inputs.

Getting Started

  1.  Set Up an Account

    Setting up an account on Twitch is pretty straightforward. While there’s a free version, subscribing to a Prime membership entitles you to some perks as a beginner.

  2.  Download OBS Software

    The next step is to download Open Broadcaster Software on your PC to help you stream videos on Twitch. You need to configure the software for use on your PC by:

    – Right-clicking on OBS and choose ‘Run as Administrator’ to allow the software to capture games

    – Open the Settings icon and click on the ‘Stream’ feature

    – Open Twitch on your browser and select Dashboard from the menu. Then click on Settings and choose ‘Stream Key’ and tap on the ‘Show Key.’

    – Paste the key in the OBS field called ‘Stream Key to begin streaming

  3. Customize the Stream with OBS Layouts

    Once you have acquainted yourself with the basics of using OBS software, begin customizing the content with custom alerts and layouts. StreamElements and StreamLabs are the most popular toolsets of enhancing the look and feel of the stream.

    StreamLabs provides customizable widgets like an Alert Box that displays on-screen notifications when viewers subscribe or make donations. The feature also allows you to set up Bots that moderate the chat room. StreamElements, on the other hand, is a browser-based solution that enables you to design the layout of your stream using animations, widgets, and more.

    When you open the StreamLabs setting, click on the Editor icon that directs you to space where you’ll add the game you want to stream. Then, go back to StreamLabs and add the game you want to stream from the Application on the dropdown list.

    Next, plug in the webcam and select it from the Application list to add another source. You can also adjust the video resolution at this stage. You are now ready to stream games on Twitch

    Streaming on Twitch seems intimidating for many beginners. However, once you find the right tools and get past the technical hurdles, you are sure to enjoy the process of creating and customizing your stream to attract a following.