Beginners Guide to Sports Injury and Fitness Insurance

Sports and fitness regimens have their rigour, which can often lead to serious medical conditions, especially in situations of overstrain. From health issues and injuries like tennis elbow, groin pull, ligament ruptures, ACL tears, etc. even minor injuries like muscle sprain or pull can plague individuals involved in sports.

Consequently, having a cover plan in place which protects athletes and offers financial assistance in case of any sudden injury during sports activities is a must for professionals and even enthusiasts.

While many insurance policies are offered by different financial aggregators, only a few dedicatedly cater to the specific requirements of any injury sustained during fitness training. Consequently, sports injury insurance policy is one such pocket insurance plan which ensures fitness enthusiasts have every sudden requirement covered if an unforeseen circumstance arises.

The following discusses the exclusive features offered by sports injury insurance plans on offer in India –

  • High value insurance cover: Sports injury can be minor or major, but as any sportsperson would attest, they should not be neglected. Even minor injuries, if neglected, can turn into detrimental conditions, which can go on to hamper even the basic functionalities of life. On the other hand, such injuries often involve high medical expenses which do not just include treatment costs, but related expenses like physiotherapy procedures or others.

Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions offered by Bajaj Finserv includes Sports Fitness Injury Insurance plan. With this plan, the injured sports professionals and enthusiasts can easily bear their treatment expenses easily.

  • Comprehensive coverage of accidents: The treatment of sports injuries often have numerous aspects which include not just consultation costs but also several tests, treatment procedures, medicines, and even costs for post-treatment procedures. These insurance policies with high cover value and other related benefit clauses allow injured sports persons to cater to all medical requirements involved.

This is not just essential to regain fitness, but lack of proper treatment can even make an individual injury prone in future.

Additionally, there are related Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions like Hospital Cash Cover from Bajaj Finserv, which provide additional features if the athlete needs to be admitted to a hospital for treatment.

  • Economical premium rate: Sports insurance plans have convenient premium rates, which do not come as a major pocket pinch at just Rs. 499 per annum. With injuries being quite common during sports training regimens, this small premium amount allows every athlete the chance to avail this cover.

Additionally, in case an athlete remains uninjured and does not avail the cover policy, low premium rates ensure that only a negligible expense on their part goes unused.

  • Easy application and payment options: Along with economical premium rates, financial aggregators also allow easy application and payment options. Customers can simply log on to the website of their insurance provider and apply for the insurance policy. Further, once they complete the payment through any of the easy online payment options, their insurance policy is activated.

  • Convenient claim options: Sports fitness Insurance plans have convenient claim options, which allow sportspersons to easily avail the financial assistance that they need when injured. They can easily log on to the official website of their insurance provider or call their toll-free number and make the claim.

With tailor-made features to assist sport enthusiasts in case of any sudden injury, there are numerous related insurance covers too. From enthusiasts to professionals, muscle injury during gym training is very common, especially during winters. Companies even provide options of Gym Injury Insurance cover for such circumstances.

These Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions ensure individuals involved in sports and fitness regimen are essentially protected during their training. Crucially, a sports fitness insurance policy allows athletes to train with complete focus instead of being worried over potential chances of injury.