Beginner’s Guide to Vibrators

First, clicking on this link is the wisest decision you made in your life. Applause for you to finally being able to decide to buy your first sex toy. Vibrators serve as the perfect option for being the most basic tool in your kink cabinet. You will learn about more types of toys like traditional rabbit vibrators, classic cylindrical vibrators, and many more when you will be building your very own collection. Let’s get to the basics first.

What are Vibrators?

The most simplest and elegant of sex toys are Vibrators. They come in various shapes and sizes, but their core function is always the same. They vibrate. There are different ranges available in the market which keeps on updating with the arrival of the latest techs and trends. There exists the traditional vibrator with that buzzing sound. There also exist vibrators that can be controlled with a handy remote and also ones that can work through a mobile app. The vibrator market is deep. There are abundant choices for everyone. You can choose from multiple speed settings which lets you adjust the intensity of vibrations that you would like to feel over your private regions.

Vibrators are called women’s secret best friend/lover for a reason. They take you on adventures you never knew you can go to. They are bliss for single women or the women who struggle to experience an orgasm. Couples use vibrators for clitoral stimulation and prostrate massaging which spices up the sex life. It is usually designed in a phallus/penis shape that comes with a powerful motor to stimulate a woman’s clitoris and vagina in ways even her partner can’t naturally. 

 Things to keep in my mind before making the purchase…

Where do you plan to use it?

This is the key factor that ultimately narrows down your choices. There are different vibrators in different areas. Types of vibrators include are g-spot vibrators, clitoral vibrators, Rabbit vibrators, and many more. If you are sure about your pleasure points, follow your gut. But if want to explore more than buy a vibrator which is a jack of all goods like bullet vibrators.

What sort of vibration do you want?

Vibrators can either be simple, one consistent buzz with power on and power off button, or they can have different speeds, settings, or even programmed routines just like a choreography. Some latest vibrators even vibrators according to the beat of a song. 

Which material do you prefer?

It is important to look upon the material. Vibrators are going to be inside your body. One must know which material is suitable and allowed for the same. Vibrators come in plastic, semi-metals, silicone, etc. The most popular and safest material is silicone and is preferred by most women.

What size suits you the most?

Just as the type of material you are planning to put in your body, size is also a factor. You should have some idea of the kind of sizes you’ll be comfortable with, and it’s usually better to end up with something smaller than a little too big. Large vibrators will be painful. Small ones at least will give some pleasure if not ideal. Small vibrators are portable and can be kept in a purse at all times if required. 

Cleaning your vibrators

Always use soapy water to clean your vibrator over any chemical disinfectant. Rest the cleaning is dependent on the type of material the vibrator is made of. 

Types of vibrators

Vibrators for Clitoris-Bullet Vibrators are small, easy to position for perfect stimulation. They do not create a heavy buzzing and hence serve the perfect candidate to be discreet and quiet during use. They’re a great starting option for beginners who enjoy clitoral stimulation. They even come in the shape of lipstick which can easily be stored anywhere and everywhere.

Vaginal Vibrators- G-spot vibrators are used for penetrative pleasure. There’s a diverse range of vibrators for you. The classic twist-base cylindrical options are great to achieve g spot orgasm with a twisted angled base made to reach the spot most men can’t reach. 

Dual Stimulation- Rabbit vibrators are a perfect choice for women who enjoy both penetrative sex and clitoral stimulation. They have a large phallus structure to give internal pleasure and rabbit ears to stimulate the clitoris.

Anal Vibrators- This area is mostly considered as a forbidden zone. But ladies, nothing can forbid you to achieve your sexual pleasure. If you like anal, go for these without digging deep into thinking. Always use lubricant with anal vibrators. Also remember, while buying an anal vibrator, make sure of the size. Because everything feels larger there than it is. So don’t go up buying the largest and then end up in pain.


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