Have you ever thought that your bedroom can look like your own little palace,  especially if you keep it clean,  organized, and clutter-free?

Yes,  they say that flowering plants and greens always put life in every room, most particularly the bedroom.   Hanging plants on one corner,  and possibly succulents on your work desk,  these living things can definitely enliven your bedroom in no time.
Not only do these ornamental greens enliven your bedroom,  they also add oxygen to the room,  making your breathe healthier air! 

Clearly,  we consider the bedroom as  one of the most important rooms in the house. Whether you have a huge room or a small one, it should always be neat and tidy for maximum comfort.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, and there’s a lot of truth in that old adage.

“Besides making you healthy and improving the ambiance in your bedroom, cleaning up your bedroom regularly helps you sleep better and relax more.” experts affirm. 

So are you looking for some easy ways to clean up your bedroom?

Surely,  you need not spend much time cleaning it,    if you have some amazing bedroom cleaning hacks at hand. 

There are different kinds of bedroom cleaning hacks that you can use to make your bedroom look clean and tidy. Many of them will help to make your room look like it was professionally done.

Clearly,  you don’t have to spend a lot of money on professional cleaning services if you use these hacks.

Start Off By  Decluttering  Your Bedroom

The first thing that you want to do is get rid of the clutter. 

And when you get rid of the clutter,  first it means doing some sorting of your belongings:  which one goes to your donation box,   which ones are for keeping,  and which ones are for throwing away.

Marie Kondo,  host of the Netflix show “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo”  shares some tips on decluttering your whole home  — an excellent idea to keep your sanity as well as enjoy your home more.

With her KonMari method,  which points out that you empty your closets, pile clothes, and checks which sparks joy, which doesn’t,  and which ones need to go straight to goodwill because you haven’t worn them for years anyway.

“My criterion for deciding to keep an item is that we should feel a thrill of joy when we touch it,” she says. 

So organizing your bedroom  the Marie Kondo way will help you sort your things, make an organized list,  and make that decision to part with your  belongings that have been with you for years  but were not being used  or, as Kondo says  “does not spark joy anymore.”

Go Ahead And Clean, Clean Clean!

As we may well know,  a clean bedroom is a happy bedroom.

And while we may get distracted with watching  YouTube videos showing spring cleaning that actually doing the cleaning yourself instead of watching those videos,   constantly remind yourself of your goals of having a tidy room,   and also for your own inner joy and peace of mind.

It’s true that a clean bedroom can help with sleep quality, productivity at work or school, and more!

Further,  you may not realize it,  but cleaning your bedroom can actually help boost energy and mood.  Just set off those rock and roll music in the background,  or whatever favorite music you wish to have on and clean away dusting off the shelves,  changing the bedsheets,  and vacuuming the carpet to also help boost your spirits with a clean and tidy room.

Use Organizers  To Keep Things In Place

Whether these be fruit bowl organizers placed on the nightstand next to the bed or under-the-bed shelf organizers,  these are things that can help you in keeping things in your bedroom organized.

A  simple fruit bowl organizer can keep your things within reach,  whether these be your eyeglasses or contact lens case,  or your favorite book or e-reader.  These bowls or trays can be  “home” for your different devices,  a perfect place for these while you charge them at night. 

For your under-the-bed shelf organizers,   these can contain your books  — just in case you don’t have a bookshelf,  or can also function as your shoe shelf.   Instead of your shoes scattered all over the bedroom,  keeping them in place could be a big boost to keeping your room organized and looking tidy.

Interestingly,  there are dumpster rental marketing experts in decluttering that have turned cleaning into their big businesses,  and also marketing innovations that help those in the cleaning and decluttering business.

For more on these tips in beautifying your home, starting your decluttering journey,  and yes, keeping your sanity,  feel free to follow our website so you will be able to regularly check out our updates! 

Ellen Hollington

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