Bed bug-proof mattress encasements

Since more than 3,300 years ago, bed bugs have been linked to humans. They can be found almost anywhere people congregate, including homes, hotels, offices, schools, retail outlets, and even public transit. By knowing how they reproduce and survive, you’ll understand why they have been invading homes for that long. Moreover, they have also developed a remarkably strong resistance against pesticides which makes it more worrisome for the average homeowner.

Now, who are we kidding? There is no free effective bed bug treatment out there. But that doesn’t mean you’re running out of options! Budget options for bed bug treatment can still be effective as long as you know the right approach and how to properly apply it. Here are ways to eliminate bed bugs if you’re on a tight budget.

Place items in plastic boxes or lessen the clutter
To protect your things, such as bags, stuffed animals, and bedsheets, from bed bug infestation, you can store them in plastic containers. Note that bed bugs do not climb on smooth plastic surfaces. This also allows you to declutter things that are lying around your room, reducing chances of future bed bug infestation. Bed bugs love to hide in clutter and dark spaces. If you’re storing things that have been affected by the infestation, you must treat them first through heating or freezing.

Install bed bug traps
Another cost-effective way to prevent bed bugs from crawling onto your bed is to install bed bug traps. With the same principle of placing small items in plastic containers, these bed bug interceptors trap the bed bugs before they even touch the foot of the bed. Since bed bugs are not good at climbing slippery, vertical surfaces such as plastic, you’re rest assured that they’ll get the job done.

Dispose of difficult-to-treat furniture
I know it’s a bit of a waste disposing infested furniture. But when you furniture has a lot hard-to-reach areas where bed bugs can hide and reproduce safely, it would be better to just sacrifice that furniture instead of keeping it while the infestation spreads to other areas in the house. Before doing so, you must have a pest control expert inspect the affected items and let them determine whether it’s still treatable or not. More importantly, you must also know the proper disposal of bed bug-infested household items.

Seal cracks
Aside from serving as hiding spot for these creatures, cracks and crevices can also be their entrypoint to other areas of the house. You can use caulk to seal them, or if the crack is not that big, you can easily paint over them. By doing this, the bed bugs won’t have any places to hide or travel, which will make it simpler to contain them. Caulk can be bought from your local store. It’s cheap and very effective in preventing bed bugs from creeping in since these creatures are weak and unable to chew their way out.

Steam cleaning
Steam cleaners are also good for exterminating bed bugs. However, in order to get the desired effect, it’s preferable that you use a heavy-duty steam cleaner. Heat with a temperature of 113°F will kill bed bugs if they are exposed to it continuously for 90 minutes or more. Using a steamer that’s lying around your house may not cut it. Also, do not use a carpet cleaning machine as it does not reach high enough temperatures to kill bed bugs. Know the steps and precautions before you start steam cleaning for bed bugs!

In some places, particularly those with groups or clusters of bed bugs, vacuums can be useful in lowering the quantity of bed bugs. To effectively capture the bed bugs, your vacuum must have a strong suction. Once you’ve successfully vacuum all of the bed bugs, take out the vacuum bag, then tape it closed. Put it in another plastic bag and seal it. After that, you can throw the bag in the garbage. You must also replace the filters after using; for reusable filters, wash them thoroughly with hot soapy water.

Bed bug-proof mattress encasements
Since bed bugs love to hide in your bed seams, enclosing your mattresses with bed bug-proof mattress encasements is a good idea. These mattress covers often have strong sealing mechanisms and are composed of durable cotton or a comparable fabric. Any bed bugs in the mattress or hiding in the bed springs will eventually perish after the encasements are sealed since they will be unable to escape or feed. You’ll be rest assured you get a good night’s sleep after a hard day’s work.

Sleep better!
Apparently, even though they’re termed as bed bugs, it doesn’t mean that they’ll only invade your bed only. Even small cracks in your furniture and walls can be a good place for them to lay their eggs. Applying these techniques can be helpful to alleviate your pest problem. But once it gets a little out of hand, it’s best to leave it to hands of professional bed bug exterminators. Call up a bed bug company in York, PA, to get a quotation of the pest control program that your house needs!