BECU Business Online Banking Login

Boeing Employees’ Credit Union (BECU) is the largest credit union in Washington and the fourth largest in the United States, with over 1 million members and assets of over $17 billion. BECU Online Banking is a digitally focused bank with more than 40 cashless branches and few traditional locations.

Challenge BECU constantly strives to make banking for its members easier, more cost-effective, and safer. This means making changes to BECU’s online banking systems quickly without disrupting services or jeopardizing security. Building a light testing foundation while adhering to the highest information security and protection principles was a crucial BECU test.

BECU needed a secure DataOps solution that met these specific requirements:

sensitive information gathering BECU needed a solution that could automate masking and identifying sensitive data values on a consistent basis across all of its environments.

The mask’s consistency and repeatability Applications needed to work with masked and unmasked data in the same way every time and be masked in the same way every time. In addition, the arrangement required that referential honesty be maintained across secret-level databases and records.

pre-made masking templates are available. The BECU team needed an easy solution with predetermined rules that the company could use right away.

a number of supported flat files and databases. In all nine crucial applications, including CRM, loan originations, and member portal systems, BECU needed a solution that could hide Oracle, SQL Server, and more than one hundred flat files.

auditing and reporting of masked data The credit union required a method for tracking masked data over time across various sources in order to guarantee that masked environments were free of unmasked confidential data.

Solution After evaluating three different vendors, BECU chose the Delphix Data Platform to mask data in its new testing infrastructure because:

Delphix consistently masks data across relational database platforms and flat files, even when data changes over time. Delphix’s referential integrity across databases and files also safeguards masked data.

Delphix addresses the first essential step in protecting sensitive data: providing built-in information profiling to determine where the risk lies.

Delphix’s pre-built masking functionality can be used to create custom masking rules without requiring any programming or administrative expertise.

Delphix is platform-independent and supports a wide variety of heterogeneous databases, including Oracle, SQL server, DB2, and file systems.

Using outdated AWS data refresh methods, teams must repeat the entire manual process of extracting, moving, and importing data to the cloud. Delphix, on the other hand, continuously collects data from production sources, allowing BECU to keep their hybrid cloud architecture’s on-premise and cloud environments in sync.

After that, their data is moved to AWS and masked. With the help of safe, new data that is accessible in the cloud, BECU is able to quickly and easily deliver new virtual data copies to a team of over 200 developers.

Results BECU was successful in exceeding its target for data masking with Delphix, bolstering the firm’s stringent security measures:

By masking 662 tables, 3,507 columns, and 680 million rows of data in 15 hours, BECU fulfilled the initial requirement that masking not take longer than 24 hours.

They completed the implementation process in six weeks and met compliance requirements ahead of schedule. The team estimated that using competitors’ tools to install and begin masking data would have taken 18 to 24 weeks.

Because Delphix specialists worked with team members to build the foundation of a masking Center of Excellence, BECU was able to move forward with little assistance.

Utilizing the Delphix Data Platform’s virtualization capabilities to accelerate the distribution of masked data and save time and effort overall, BECU business online banking login is also able to deploy products up to twice as quickly.