Becoming Attractive: How to Change Your Look

Many believe that attractive people have an easier go of things in life. They’re not wrong. One study shows that attractive people earn up to 14% more than their unattractive counterparts.

But why is that? Is our society that superficial?

Well, yes and no. The truth is, how you look and how you think you look plays a large role in your day-to-day life. Attractive people often have more confidence, especially in the workplace and social environments.

Fortunately, if you feel you’re unattractive, you can change your look. Whether you’re looking to impress someone, gain more confidence, or feel sexier, we can help. Check out our quick guide on how to change up your look for the better.

Wear Clothes That Accentuate Your Features

Few people are proud of or even comfortable with their bodies. And how could you be? Celebrities and models with impossibly perfect figures are constantly shoved in your face.

But that doesn’t mean you need to hide your body, regardless of how different it looks from those on magazine covers. Don’t wear baggy clothes thinking you’re doing yourself a favor. Baggy clothes make your body look shapeless.

Find form-fitting clothing that accentuates your features. These clothes don’t need to be skin-tight but find a happy middle ground.

Figure Out the Best Way to Style Your Hair

Next, to change your looks, figure out the best ways to style your hair. For men, this could be growing a beard or keeping a wild beard trimmed and neat. For balding men, keep your hair cut short or go with the shaved head look (which is becoming ever-more popular).

For women, figure out the best structure and style for your hair based on its characteristics. Is it curly, straight, thin, thick, etc.? The shape of your face may also dictate how you want to style your hair.

Consider Surgical Options

While you’re perfect the way you are, there may be a part of your body that you’ve never been able to look past.

For some people who struggle to lose weight, they may consider bariatric surgery. If you’ve always hated your nose, you could consult with rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. Steven Pearlman.

We live in an age where living with a part of your body you hate is no longer a necessity. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having surgery to change your looks and improve your confidence.

Get Fit

Lastly, although you may never look like the magazine models we spoke of before, getting healthy can help you change your look for the better. Good nutrition comprised of fruits and veggies will help ensure you’re getting plenty of vitamins and minerals. These will improve the quality of your hair and skin as well as help you lose weight.

Additionally, consider adding in some resistance training to build up lean muscle mass for the coveted toned look.

Looking for More Ways to Change Your Look?

If you’re not happy with how you look, it’s okay — most people aren’t. However, you’re not stuck. There are things you can do to change your look.

Check out some of our other health and beauty articles for more tips on fashion and aesthetics. We think you’re perfect the way you are, but we don’t mind helping you change things up!