Become a Luxury Wedding Planner in Italy: Work and Career in the Organization of Weddings

The luxury Wedding Planner in Italy is the professional who deals with the planning and organization of weddings, intended as real events. Princess Apulia as an expert assists and advises future spouses during the preparations and on the wedding day, coordinating the work of the other suppliers to ensure a perfect wedding in Italy.

So let’s see what it means to work as a Luxury Wedding Planner in Italy.

The first step in organizing successful marriages is to correctly interpret the expectations of future spouses. For this reason, the Wedding Planner must first of all meet and get to know the couple to understand their tastes, desires, understand what the available budget is, and then develop a proposal to be submitted to the bride and groom for approval.

Once hired, the Wedding Planner draws up a definitive plan for the organization of the wedding, including all the services requested and the relative deadlines.

Among the first things to do is the choice of the Italian wedding location like this: the Wedding Planner advises the couple in the search for an environment that meets the tastes of the future spouses, but which is also suitable from the point of view of the structure: for example, a villa that has indoor and outdoor spaces, usable in different weather conditions.

The Wedding Planner is also asked to contribute to the choice of a theme or a style for the day of the fateful “yes”: for a wedding in country style, shabby-chic, romantic, retro, ecological … sometimes in collaboration with a Wedding Designer.

It deals with the creation of unique and original settings based on the chosen theme, suggests decorations in line with the latest trends, defines the general layout for all accessories, decorations, and printed material, from invitations to the tableau de marriage, from the menu to the place cards, creating a sort of fil rouge so that the event is stylistically coherent.

In addition, it guides the couple in choosing the favors and wedding favors coordinated with the colors and theme of the wedding.

Once the details have been defined, the Wedding Planner selects trusted suppliers for the organization of the wedding and negotiates the contractual conditions: from the staff who takes care of setting up the location to the florists for the bouquets and floral decorations, from the catering for the banquet to car rental services to accompany the bride and groom to the ceremony and reception, from the Make-up Artist to the Hair Stylist for the bride, passing through the photographer, musicians, DJs, singers, and other artists for the entertainment of the guests during the party.

If necessary, it also deals with the rental and transport of specific equipment or the booking of overnight stays for guests, managing all the technical, logistical, and bureaucratic aspects in view of the big day (reservations, permits, authorizations …).

In some cases, the Wedding Planner provides assistance in the choice of the wedding dress and accessories, the dresses of the bridesmaids, or even advises the groom in the choice of the outfit, from the most traditional to the most modern ceremonial dresses, for an impeccable outfit. . In addition, the wedding planner can also participate in the definition of the wedding list.

On the day of the wedding, the Wedding Planner takes on the role of master of ceremonies: he defines the timeline of the day in detail and takes over the “direction” of the event, supervising the preparation and coordinating the work of all the staff.

A good Wedding Planner knows how to efficiently manage the entire organizational machine behind the wedding, preventing any unforeseen events and intervening promptly before the spouses have time to notice so that everything goes according to plan.

But sometimes the work of the Wedding Planner continues even after the wedding:

For example, he deals with the shipment of thank-you cards, the printing of the photoshoot and the production of the wedding videos, and in some cases also the organization of the honeymoon.

At the end of the event, the Wedding Planner finally devotes itself to evaluating the results in terms of satisfaction of the spouses and guests and manages the follow-up activity in order to improve the service for future events.

Relying on a Wedding Planner allows you to plan and realize your dream wedding by delegating the most stressful organizational tasks to a qualified figure. In this way, it is possible to dedicate oneself exclusively to the most pleasant part of the preparations, such as the rehearsal of the wedding dress, the tasting of the dishes for the menu and the wedding cake, and then enjoy the big day in the certainty of having a professional who has everything under control.

Usually, the Wedding Planner carries out the activity as an independent freelancer or as a collaborator of event organization agencies specialized in the wedding.

The working hours are very flexible and vary according to the assignment entrusted. Sometimes a Wedding Planner has several months to organize a wedding, sometimes a few weeks, so the work can also be very intense, especially in the most popular months for wedding celebrations.

Even the wedding day can be extremely tiring: the Wedding Planner has to supervise all the activities and often provide operational support, for example by helping with the set-ups, in the arrangement of the decorations for the confetti, lighting candles, directing the guests …

In addition, he must be prepared to face any type of unforeseen event that may occur before or during the event (errors or delays in supplies, absent staff, bad weather): therefore communication and mediation skills, authority, and above all the ability to maintain calm even in stressful situations.