Becky Zheng: 19 year old entrepreneur with a net worth of 30 million

Becky Zheng is currently one of the most successful and youngest entrepreneurs in the United States. Her parents are originally from China, but she was born in New York on April 28, 19 years ago. She is best known for founding the skin care services company “The Roserist”. Although to achieve it, she went through several phases in her life.

Becky Zheng Project

Becky started “The Roserist” due to a personal experience that she has previously explained. The young woman suffered from hormonal acne, which is a condition in which pimples appear in various areas. Mostly such eruptions appear in the area of the mouth, cheeks, nose and chin.

She went through a very difficult stage because she did not know what treatment she should follow to cure the condition. That’s why she started a project to provide answers to many women going through a similar situation. This is how her business was born, which aims to offer products to cure the skin.

The company is important because it covers items that help treat different problems or diseases associated with the skin. It is also for those people who want to have a nice complexion or a healthy appearance. It is aimed at the general public; however, it focuses on teenagers and adult women.

Other businesses

From a very young age he showed interest and skills in business. This is because before founding “The Roserist” he worked in other companies. He managed the company owned by his parents known as Wayne NY INC, dedicated to real estate. Later he started a business, called LimitedLess LLC, in the same area.


Becky Zheng took advantage of the social media craze to gain popularity. The entrepreneur became famous on different platforms in a short period of time. Her content was liked by many young people and users, who instantly started following her.

She built up a huge following to over 56.0k followers on Instagram. In this way she became an influencer. She also achieved success on Tiktok, on that platform she maintains a good community of users.

She also makes constant updates through her professional LinkedIn account. In addition to her social media accounts, she also created her own cosmetics website. This site is exclusive to her company The Roserist. There she shows the main lines she offers.


During his childhood and part of his adolescence he lived in different cities in the United States. He resided in New York at an early age, then moved to Philadelphia. At the age of eight she began to live in Rochester. Always accompanied by her relatives in the process.

The parents before the young girl was born had their home in Fujian, China. Eventually, they traveled to the United States to start a new life. In that country they opened a food place they called Great Win Chinese Restaurant. Later they went into business in real estate.

As for her education, the entrepreneur studied at Eastridge High School from 2017 to 2021. By August of that same year she entered The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Today she continues her college career in the area of business administration.


The young entrepreneur also stands out for being a dancer and guitarist. This is reflected in different publications through her different social networks. Another curiosity is that she published a book named Falling, which makes her an author as another of her specialties. According to her LinkedIn account she is always looking for partnerships to improve her business.