Because The Best SEO Consultant Cannot Exist

Because The Best SEO Consultant Cannot Exist

In the SEO communities one of the topics of greatest debate and, at times, even controversy, concerns the self-proclaiming of the best SEOs. “How I position the sites does no one else, only I do well link building this way and so on.”

The funny thing is that then the following interventions all go in the same direction: that is to say to be, in turn, among the best.

Humility does not exist, in this wild world of the market, one might think. In reality, however, I think that the figure does not exist today to be considered the best consultant or SEO professional: or at least, no longer exists. I’ll explain why.

Let’s start with a premise. Who is what the SEO consultant does.

SEO consultant: who is what he does

It deals with developing analysis, methodologies and strategies to improve the organic visibility of a site in search engines. This is a very concise definition of the skills involved in the work of an SEO today and certainly not comparable to what an SEO did up until 10 years ago.

In fact, when I started doing this job, the SEO worked to optimize the site. He worked on the code, on the optimization of a site’s trees, on the search for keywords and, when the budget was tight, even on text optimization.

However, we are talking about a period that we could define as the middle Ages of the SEO, when the sites could still be positioned only using the onsite.

Today the SEO Consultant is one of the cards on the table, no longer the only one

In the sense that today, unlike in the past, it is no longer sufficient to have a SEO professional to whom to delegate the task of positioning a site, simply because the areas of interest related to SEO have become so many that it is unthinkable to have everything done to a only person.

You will have noticed: the searches change, the search engines change and today, the results of the Serp are more and more changeable and the SEO less and less “guaranteed”.

If already it was illusory years ago to promise the achievement of certain positions, following the latest algorithmic updates it is also becoming illusory to guarantee to “maintain” long-term positioning of acquired (see for example, the direction in which, with Bert, is going Google in constantly updating research amazon category ungating service results according to the evolution of the ever-changing research intents).

Understanding this evolution is quite simple.

To achieve results with SEO today, teamwork is required and the figures involved can even reach ten. If our goal is to position the site with a goal of making 100 or 200 daily visits, perhaps the SEO consultant is sufficient. But if we talk about producing results for large portals, perhaps even in rather competitive market niches, then one SEO may not be sufficient, but more than one may be needed.

I happened to work on a project that, after growing from scratch, had come to develop an average of 1 million accesses per month only from Google. To put on that “machine-grinder-access”, he was put on a team composed of:

  • 2 SEO consultants;
  • 3 web developer;
  • 1 web designer;
  • 1 copywriter;
  • 1 link builder.

If we think that today the production of results in SEO also depends on other vertical areas of web marketing, such as branding and the fact that the user arrives to look for you on Google, as well as with commercial keywords, even with the name of your company, becoming this same keyword with a monthly search, we can understand how SEO is now exclusively a team activity where more professionals will be responsible for the results a site can generate.

The best SEO consultant is the good analyst today

The conclusion of this article leads to the premise of its title: there is no best SEO consultant. It can no longer exist. We can be able, by ourselves, to place a web page or small sites in niches that are not too competitive, but where the “real” SEO is played and real business is developed, teamwork becomes fundamental.

However, if the best SEO does not exist, there are excellent analysts. Those who do SEO today are mainly called to be a perfect analyst. To be such, it is necessary to have a clear vision (as well as updating skills) of a search engine, to examine Serp and deduce the reasons that lead Google to show certain results rather than others. It is necessary to have developed technical skills that allow the reading of the code and the functioning of a website, have a wide strategic knowledge of web marketing and other channels, be good marketers, to perform efficient market analysis and learn the most useful tools to perform such analyzes.

Finally, it needs experience. The years of experience make the difference and you notice this difference when you manage to solve problems, apparently insurmountable, in just ten minutes, making an analysis aimed at the origin of the problem.

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