Beautyka, a Schmuckstuck Group trademark, introduces its unique makeup kits

Beautyka, a Schmuckstuck Group trademark, introduces its unique makeup sponges with natural fruit powders, vitamins, collagen, and even hyaluronic acid after several years of research.

“We presented and received the patent in April of 2021, after all of our R&D efforts, it will finally go to market in January 2022. It’s an exciting idea, and being the first to conceive, experiment with, formulate, modify, manufacture and share with the world fills us with pride and excitement “, the brand clarifies.

The Schmuckstuck group, which owns Spanish brands such as My Id Beautyka, One by Beautyka, Skinya, and Be Beautyka and was founded by three sisters in Malaga, is increasingly confident in the message they endeavor, being related to the way of life on the Costa del Sol, where beauty is self-expression, far from established canons and more focused on empowerment.

These sponges contain natural products that will boost each skin type. Thanks to the powders that have been added, offering an enormous difference from the first usage compared to other sponges in the market.

In fact, they will be part of the beauty treatment itself, bringing freshness, moisture, and even smoothness to the skin when applying makeup or any beauty and treatment product.

“To maximize the health of the skin, sponges are gradually introduced into cosmetic routines. They ensure that less product is wasted and that it is better absorbed into the skin, resulting in beauty, moisture, and the enhancement of facial and dĂ©colletĂ© treatments “, they concluded.

Whereas sponges have traditionally been thought of as mere extenders of makeup, thanks to proposals such as My ID Beautyka, they will be seen as an integral part of makeup or moisturizing routines.