Beaches in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country that is plentiful with beaches along its coast. It is estimated that Vietnam has about 125 beaches with beautiful sand, breath – taking scenery and crystal – clear sea water, especially in Nha Trang, Da Nang and Phu Quoc. In this article, we will list some of the most notable and desirable beaches that attract most tourists during the following years. Let’s have a look at them below with Go Viet Trip.

Con Dao

This archipelago is 97 nautical miles from Vung Tau city by sea and is surrounded by many smaller isles. The development of transportation, travel, accommodation and food services on the island makes this place increasingly ranked on the tourist map. The origin of Con Dao is still controversial till today because it is located quite far from shore. Thus, many foreign explorers, adventurers and merchants might had discovered or stepped on it before.

Con Dao archipelago is one of the most gorgeous and ideal destinations for a holiday trip to Vietnam. Coming to Con Dao, you cannot only swim and relax on the beach, but you can also participate in some fascinating activities such as scuba diving, fishing or exploring the beauty of corals near the shore. Especially, tourists will have a chance to see turtles prawn eggs in their nests as well.

You can travel to Con Dao through waterway from Vung Tau, Can Tho or Soc Trang in a short period of time. Moreover, traveling to this archipelago by plane is also a good idea for tourists or travelers. Getting around Con Dao will surely not a problem. You can choose taxi or rent a motorbike with an affordable price (around 100.000 – 150.000 VND per day). With a motorbike, you can feel free to travel anywhere you want at any time you like without limitation. Hotels and motels are dense here so you will not have to worry about finding a place to stay.

Fishing is considered to be a fine and joyful activity that tourists can participate in. There are many different kinds of marine species waiting for you to explore and catch. On Con Dao, you can get help to grill, to stir or even to cook all kinds of seafood with an affordable price by the locals.

From March till September is the best time to explore Con Dao. Although it is still in the rainy season, at this time, the sea is calm and the wind is mild in the eastern and north – eastern islands. Visitors should visit the remote island during the day, where it is full of yellow sunshine and blue sky, suitable for diving and taking pictures. In the afternoon, there are often showers, suitable for visiting the covered monuments on the big island. However, the sea to the west and south – west of the main island does not rain, so visitors can change their sights to this area with equally beautiful natural scenery. Beautiful beaches, great scenery,… may be enough for you to book a trip to this fancy archipelago during vacations or holidays.

Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon is a city located in Binh Dinh province. It comprises of many interesting and desirable factors to be one of the most breath – taking beaches along the coast of Vietnam. Combined with astonishing scenery and tremendous sand, this city has the potential to become a tourist must – go destination.

The weather of Quy Nhon is quite unpredictable during summer and autumn (from June till September). Thus, it is recommended for visitors to participate in fun and entertaining activities both on the shore and under the sea.

You can freely choose to travel to Quy Nhon by airplane or coach bus line such as Phuong Trang in order to reach here. Also, tourists can rend a motorcycle here to ride along the shore and explore the astounding beauty that hided in every corner of this coast city.

Room rates in Con Dao have many levels, ranging from 200,000 VND to more than 10 million VND. Visitors and travelers can also camp overnight in places authorized by the attraction management. Homestay is quite convenient and exceptionally suitable for anyone who is interested in living with the locals here.

Having placed next to the sea, Quy Nhon is widely famous for its prosperity of seafood. Some of the tastiest and delicious are snails, scallops, clams, oysters, lobsters, crabs, cobia, king crabs… that you can find almost anywhere, especially in restaurants.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang beach with its prime location, in the city center, is always a place that attracts millions of domestic and foreign tourists. With the advantages bestowed by nature, Nha Trang beach will bring the best experiences for every visitor who has the opportunity to explore this place. Nha Trang’s climate is divided into 2 seasons: dry season and rainy season with an average temperature of about 26 degrees Celsius. With such mild weather, visitors can visit Nha Trang at any time of the year.

A special feature (or a special gift) of coming to Nha Trang beach is that you will enjoy the very beauty of this place, the brilliance and purity of the sea at dawn, the charm and softness of the beach. Nha Trang at sunset and the bustle, when night falls, will surely give you the best experiences. This city is well – known for the quality of the seashore and the diversity of other services for tourists to enjoy. So, do not hesitate to participate and get involve with your friends and family.

My Khe – Da Nang

My Khe Beach Da Nang is considered one of the most charming beaches on the planet, a tourist destination that everyone should visit at least once in their life. My Khe Beach Da Nang with long stretches of fine, white sand, clear blue sea, calm waves and warm water all year round is a wonderful address you definitely should not miss. My Khe beach is located right in Da Nang city, a modern and developed tourist city, so traveling is extremely convenient with ease.

My Khe comprises of three different beaches, in which tourists can choose to dive in the dim of the sea. The most ideal and beautiful time to go to My Khe beach is in the summer, from April to September because the sea is less dense and sunny during this time. You cannot find any more desirable destination for your vacation in Da Nang than My Khe with all the values it contains.

There are lots of different services for tourists to try at any time here.

Mui Ne

Thanks to being hidden in the Gulf of Thailand, Mui Nai Ha Tien has a warm, sunny climate all year round. The beach here is also calm, the waves are not big, so it is ideal to come here at any time of the year. There are 2 beautiful beaches here, Bang and No. On one hand, No Beach attracts tourists thanks to the idyllic beauty of small fishing villages but on the other hand, Bang beach captivates people’s hearts thanks to its gentle sandy slopes. You will find its own beauty and have a whole new experience.

Thanks to its location which is located near Gulf of Thailand, there are plenty of seafood such as crabs, lobsters, oysters, scallops, shrimps, octopi,… as many as you want. Tourists can hire a high – speed canoe to enjoy riding on the waves of the sea.

An Bang beach (Hoi An)

With clear blue sea water, An Bang beach has become one of the fun places that tourists and locals are familiar with and often visit. Over time, restaurants, eateries and hotels around here also appear more and all have brought joy and excitement during every summer. With fine, ivory-white sand, with the ideal length of the coast, and peaceful waves crashing on the shore, not noisy, abundant, not billowing like other beach all over Vietnam.

Visitors will be amazed at the very unique beauty of An Bang beach, a wide beach with the blue color of the sea water and the sky as the dominant color alternating with the ivory white of the immense sand like a thin silk. Prominent on it is the image of simple and simple basket boats of the fishermen. The air is fresh, airy and peaceful. By traveling here, let’s open your arms to take a deep breath to feel the fresh, fresh air, the salty taste of the sea breeze will make you feel relaxed like you are lost in a fairy world. Coming to An Bang Beach, there is only rest and relaxation. You will be relieved of all the fatigue, sadness, and busy worries of life.

Did you know that An Bang was nominated in the list of 50 most beautiful beaches in the world voted by CNNGo in 2011? An outstanding record, indeed.

Long Beach

This breath – taking and tremendous, gorgeous beach is located in the northwest of the island, Bai Dai ranks first in the top 13 most beautiful beaches in the world. This place is a paradise of golden sunshine, blue sea and blue poplars swaying in the wind.

Bai Dai is famous as a pristine beach, with long, smooth white sands, clear blue sea mixed with the blue of the sky and clouds, of peaceful nature.


Vietnam is well – known for its distinctive beaches from Northern till Southern and the peaceful atmosphere that tourists can enjoy once they got to these places. With many interesting and fascinating destinations above, we hope that you and your family can take time to select the best beach to explore and experience new things, new limits in a tropical country. Beside that you can have look best Vietnam family tour package.

Wish you all the best on your trip to Vietnam at the moment and shall see you again in the near future.