Be Spring Ready With These Trending Perfumes

Every season has unique perfume needs and so do spring season. This is the time when you bid goodbye to those strong woody warm aromas used to smell good for the chilly wintery days and welcome the warmth of spring and summer season. An ideal perfume for the spring season is the one that contains fresh floral-fruity aroma having a gentle touch. The air is getting warm around you, there is a slight breeze flowing around and such ambiance demands for light aromatic fragrances.


Floral notes that are sensual & alluring, fruity notes that are juicy and sweet, woody accords which are enchanting and aromatic, perfumes for the spring season are filled with tempting surprise. If you are looking for trending floral perfumes for women that are simply mind-blowing and irresistible, here are some of our favourites from top brands like Maryaj perfume, Lomani, MPF, and Creation, handpicked by perfume experts that you simply cannot resist:


Creation Orchid Eau De Parfum:


One of the remarkable perfumes created under the guidance pf master perfumers, Creation orchid is filled with floral spicy notes that are ready to fill your life with a refreshing aroma. It opens with fresh floral accords of jasmine, and gardenia while the mandarin and black currant add a fruity touch to the perfume. Hearts are filled with exotic notes of orchids, lotus, tangy spices, and fruity notes for that unique floral spicy flavour. The base is aromatic with delectable vanilla, Mexican chocolate, earthy vetiver, patchouli, sensual frankincense, amber, and sandalwood. 


Maryaj Web Eau De Parfum:


This is one of the most popular Maryaj Eau de parfum created for a woman with a strong opinion and mind. It has a flavourful surprise with citrusy notes of lime and lemon in the opening notes beginning the perfume with a kick. Juicy apples and scented peonies add a romantic touch to the heart of this perfume with the warmth of musk and cedar wood in the base. This perfume is perfect for evenings and those romantic moments spent with your beloved.


Lomani Blossom Eau De Parfum:


The name of this perfume speaks about what is hidden inside. Lomani Blossom is the ideal fragrance for the spring season filled with florals, a hint of woody notes and a blissful touch of juicy fruity accords. The perfume opens with a generous helping of juicy plump plums and aromatic freesia. The heart of Blossom Eau de parfum contains tangy pepper, zesty ginger, and aromatic magnolia with floral touches of jasmine and sensual musk at the base.


For those who think floral perfumes are just for women, top known international brands are also coming up with high-quality floral scents for men as well. Spring season is the season of love and all these floral-fruity perfumes with warm accords of woody essences are a must for you to try.


Lomani Why Not Eau De Toilette:


Created for the unique freshness suitable for the spring-summer season, Why Not perfume is perfect for a man who wishes to keep bad body odour at bay. This fresh fruity perfume gives an aroma of piquant ginger and citrusy notes of grapefruit and bergamot. The heart is filled with sinful juices of pineapple, apple, and herby touches of violet leaf and geranium. With woody accords of musk and amber having freshness of marine notes, it has everything you can ask for a summer spring aroma.


Perfumer’s Choice Rafael Eau De Toilette:


Created under the mastery of top known perfumers, Perfumer’s Choice Rafael is something not available with any other perfume brand. It is filled with sophisticated, something ideal for office and public appearance. The opening notes of zesty citruses and aromatic notes add that refreshing touch to your personality. With spicy accords and fresh florals, the heart of this perfume filled with a sensual kick while the base is filled with carnal bliss of woody accords having musk, and vetiver.


You can buy all these perfumes from popular fragrance stores online in India like Perfume Booth if you are seeking Lomani, Creation and Maryaj online store. All these brands also offer several other floral-fruity perfumes ideal for the spring and summer season, you can explore them on online fragrance stores. There are various classic scents as well as something with a traditional and modern touch in this fragrance category. Explore all these scents and find the one that suits your personality for the spring season, just make sure that you switch your scent.

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