Be Ready To Be Surprised! As This Is Brazil

Every nation has its own remarkable and unique attractions. We have chosen (in no specific request) its best places to visit in Brazil where you can have fun along with enjoying the natural beauty of this fantastic country.

Largo Do Boticario

Apothecary Square or Largo do Botticario, is a famous square found in the Cosme Velho neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. Visitors will immediately notice the difference in the architecture and atmosphere around the square. There are many neo-colonial houses and buildings that architecture lovers will love. Nearby, you’ll also be able to see other historical attractions such as the Corcovado Railway and the Abakaxis House.

Tomorrow’s Museum

This pier can be found near the Maui coast. Each area combines science with innovative design to create a fun learning experience. The museum urges visitors to focus not on the objects, but on the ideas; It changes the way visitors think about shaping the future of the planet. 

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Parke Das Awesi

Main attractions include The Aviary, Paradise of Parakeets, Reptile Refuge, and Kingdom of the Butterflies. You can get up close and personal with macaws, snakes, and other pets at the zoo. The Tree of Life is a family favorite, as the attraction teaches about a particularly mythical tree within the forest and the importance of preserving nature.

Parke Lage

Parque Lage is a public park in Rio de Janeiro, found at the foot of Corcovado. The land was once the residence of singer Gabriella Besanzoni and her industrialist husband Enrique Legge. The couple remodeled the mansion with Italian architect Mario Vodrel and decorated it with works of art from around the world; The interior of the mansion still has paintings by Salvador Payoles Sabet. Visitors are invited to walk the trails on the land or relax in the cafes within the mansion

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Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden

The garden spans more than fifty-five hectares and is filled with several greenhouses and artistic and historical monuments as well as various archaeological artifacts. Visitors will also be able to explore the research center, which houses an extensive library specializing in botany. Apart from the plants, animals, and in-house museums, you will also be able to enjoy various events held in the gardens such as exhibitions, concerts, and theater performances.

Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon

Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon has a rich history spanning many years; It was once inhabited by the Taos Indians, Portuguese colonists, and the Portuguese royal family, who built the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, which still exists today. Visitors can explore the natural landmark, go for a walk or run on its jogging trails, enjoy a leisurely bike ride, take photos, go rowing, or visit the many social clubs along the lagoon. You can spend the day in one of them.

Galleria Milan

Galleria Milan is one of So Paulo’s premier art galleries, opened in 1986 within the Milan Annex. Today, the gallery is under the direction of Socorro de Andrade Lima and André Milán and strives to open a rich dialogue between Brazil’s emerging and established artist generations. The works displayed in exhibitions are often on display at internationally renowned institutions, including New York City’s Museum of Modern Art, the UK’s Tate Modern, and Mexico’s Coleción Jumex. Solo and group exhibitions are highlighted throughout the year, showcasing artists such as Afonso Toasts, Guilherme Jinane, Doody Maia Rosa, and Regina Parra. 


Tijuca Forest is a proclaimed National Park and is home to a few attractions, with the most renowned being the Christ the Redeemer sculpture on Corcovado Mountain. Different attractions incorporate the Vista Chinese standpoint, a monster stone outdoor table called the Mesa do Imperador, the Cascatinha Waterfall, and the paintings painted by Candido Portinari in the Merink Chapel. Guests will likewise see numerous types of greenery, including a wide scope of birds. 

Serra da Capivara

Serra de Capivara National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that draws in guests from everywhere in the world. The recreation center has an enormous number of ancient locales with artistic creations going back hundreds of years. Quite possibly the most mainstream locales in the recreation center are Pedra Furda, which alone has more than 800 archeological destinations and an assortment of rock compositions. A more current site is Toco da Tira Pia, where archeologists have discovered stone apparatuses and different relics that date back 22,000 years; Many of them have a place with the Upper Pleistocene phase of Pedra Furda.