BD Plast, the company that puts the customer at the centre

Customer centricity is the business approach which aims at the competitive advantage deriving from positive customer experience.

Customer service, in both the purchase and post-sale stages, has always been one of the strengths of BD Plast Filtering Systems, a company based in Bondeno (province of Ferrara, Emilia Romagna) which specialises in polymer filtering systems.

This particular sensitivity has grown thanks to the constant attention which over the years has been applied at all levels: technical assistance, availability of spares and components, speed of delivery, emergency response. 

The new opportunities provided by the Internet have enabled BD Plast to expand the range of its services and to fully exploit the Industry 4.0 protocols for increasingly direct control over the functioning of systems and to best serve its customers.

Today, customer centricity at BD Plast means: 

  • Design – BD Plast engineers, thanks to a technical office which brings together all the information flows inside the company, analyse the customer’s needs and interpret them as effectively as possible, realising solutions in line with the best possible production and process results.
  • Customisation – What distinguishes the company is the ability to realise highly customised solutions, which arise from close collaboration with the customers’ technical offices, in order to best interpret their specific needs.
  • Complete supply – BD Plast provides its customers, i.e. manufacturers of extrusion lines and end users, with a complete technological package which is ready to be integrated into the main production system.
  • Spare parts – BD Plast customers can rely on broad availability of spare parts for the whole range of screen changers that can be quickly sent anywhere in the world.

“Ours is a reality which is not revolutionary, but follows the logic of continuous improvement and, in this sense, we are also working on traditional systems to make them economically better and safer. We offer a complete line of reliable, high-quality screen changer systems, guaranteed by the in-house command over the whole process, from the design of the machine to its assembly at the customer’s premises” stated Dante Boicelli, the Chief Executive Officer of BD Plast. “We make around 1,400 systems each year and this requires a great commitment on our part also from the viewpoint of our technical office, which is focused on making products of various sizes and closely tailored to the customer”.

Today BD Plast can provide complete platforms, systems with screen changers of all types integrated with volumetric pumps or gears, complex solutions in which the company can provide everything downstream. Among BD Plast’s lead products is also the Clean Changer® self-cleaning filtration system, which is made with full insulation.

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