BBQ Essentials: Tools You’re Going to Need

Come summer, its BBQ season and you know it! BBQ brings together friends and families under a good bright sunny day for an eventful and fulfilling time! Hosting a BBQ is not only budget friendly but also makes way for healthy meal distribution.

Sharing laughter over food is certainly another kind of joy. However, in order to host a successful BBQ party, it’s quite important to have with you certain and some tools in order to obtain great meaty results! Keep reading as we talk about some of the tools you need to own. 

A Grill Scraper

A grill scraper or also known as grill brush is made of metal bristles that help you clean the grill thoroughly. It’s important to make sure you scrub it gently with proper care and accurate amount of pressure in order to avoid damaging it. 

Stainless Steel Skewers

A BBQ set is incomplete without a bunch of skewers. The well-advised choice of material when it comes to skewers is the stainless-steel ones. One of the best parts about owning skewers are the fact that they are constantly reusable, thus making it a worthy investment.

Meat Probe

Having a meat probe gets you through the BBQ party with happy guests due to well cooked food rather than undercooked or burnt ones. Being able to check the temperature of your meat is crucial, even in terms of one’s health. You can find a great meat probe to purchase at laybuy stores in Australia.

Image Source: Unsplash

Strong Tongs

Owning a strong and sturdy tong allows you to handle the meat alongside tossing and turning it accordingly without getting yourself burnt. Tongs make for an essential tool in a BBQ set. Not only are they convenient to use but also safe and easy. Ensure your tong has a good grip.

Cooling Rack

Having a cooling rack allows you to grill small items without it falling through while also usable as a rack to set aside food to cool down in. Often homes tend to already have a cooling rack, which means the need for a grill basket is not compulsory although they can also provide you with the same purpose.


Alongside a good tong, you need a good spatula to help you handle the grilling meat and veggies. A good spatula has long off set handles. This provides you with the proper grip needed when handling the BBQ. The best meat that a spatula corporates with is fish fillets as they are flat and light to flip over without the need for a tong. .

Grill Mittens

Handling a BBQ grill can be equivalent to handling an over. Therefore, just like with the ovens, it’s important to have mittens in order to handle the BBQ session. It protects you from touching racks or grill sheets that are hot and dangerous.

A few other things you may need while doing BBQ is a basting brush, to help season meat and maybe even a chimney starter for your charcoal.