Baton 3 Pro

The Baton 3 pro is the upgraded version of Baton 3. It is stronger with up to 1,500 lumens, an increase of 30 percent from the Baton 3. Matched with the previous proximity sensor, the new and technologically advanced hidden one is designed to raise the flashlight output during daily use, while mechanically decreasing the brightness when the sensor detects an obstruction nearby. With 3 color temperature options, neutral white and cool white, it meets a range of needs and can tackle any scenarios. The enlarged concave side switch makes it more relaxed to touch and simple to operate. With the customized 3200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it is completely charged in 3.5 hours using a USB magnetic charging cable. You can run the Baton 3 pro small rechargeable flashlight for up to 120 days.


High output: It delivers maximum output of 1,500 lumens, throw of 175 meters, strong and helpful in outdoor activities.

Hidden proximity sensors: Design to increase the flashlight output during daily, while mechanically decreasing the brightness when the sensor notices an obstruction nearby.

Big side switch: The newly enlarged, concave side switch is now even simple to use, and it simultaneously decreases the chance of accidental activation.

Longer runtime: It runs up to 120 days, best for long hours of work.

Magnetic charging: With the MCC3 USB magnetic charging cable, it is easily completely charged in 3.5 hours.

Perfect to store: The included L-shape stand, which can be stuck anywhere, makes it simple for you to store and flashlight after use.

Advantages of Baton 3 pro

LED flashlights have become essential outdoor tools; they are even a vital part of home emergency kits thanks to their amazing features and design.

Torches today like Baton 3 pro are brighter and have a longer beam distance than previous models thanks to LED and TIR technology. Being prepared to react rightly can save your life when bad things happen just when you least expect. In such conditions looking for an unusual sight before it is too late can help you stop any dangers or accidents.

Energy situations

A flashlight can provide quick assistance in the event of a power outage. You can use a quality torch to signal your area, no issue whether that happens outside or at home. SOS modes are accessible on some models, making them perfect in such conditions.

Self defense

LED flashlights give a high level of brightness that can temporarily blind an attacker and provide you valuable time to escape. When pointed straight to the eyes, a flashlight with 60-100 lumens can cause short-term blindness.  The strobe mode on some models of led torches is designed to disorient the user by quickly emitting super bright light. Additionally, you can use the torch as a non-lethal weapon in case you need to, thanks to its powerful, metal construction.

Save your phone battery

Flashlights are one of the top features of your smartphone, and many people find them helpful in a range of different conditions. In reality, though, if you keep the light and phone for any length of time, chances are the batteries will run out and you will be left without either. In certain circumstances, having both of these things without them can be a true issue, which is why getting a Baton 3 pro flashlight rather than wasting your phone’s battery is preferable.

Safer and more reliable

It is also worth noting that LED flashlights are safer and more trustworthy than conventional flashlights. Conventional flashlights contain flimsy filaments that can damage or become dislodged quite easily. The bigger batteries in conventional flashlights also get dislodged more easily. The glass or large plastic lens used for traditional flashlights can also break into jagged pieces. The little individual diodes used in an LED flashlight are much less likely to break. LED flashlights are more resistant to impacts than traditional flashlights.  LED flashlights gradually dim over time, providing you lots of warning to change the batteries.

Less bulky

One of the most unrented advantages of LED flashlights is that they are less bulky than conventional flashlights. Conventional flashlights, mainly the more strong models, need to be big and cumbersome to accommodate the oversized bulbs and batteries that are required for this kind of flashlight to produce a strong beam. LED flashlights are ergonomic and slimmer than conventional flashlights. They are also better for headlamps because LED lights are strong and compact. This is why mechanics, cave divers, and others generally favor the use of LED flashlights.

They are affordable

Battery-run flashlights are also cheaper to get than their rechargeable counterparts. This is because only the lighting mechanism is built into the device. The power source is sold as a separate entity. With rechargeable flashlights, the battery is fixed with the flashlight, and you have to pay for the full system at once.

They are very strong

LED lights like Baton 3 pro need quite a bit of power to function rightly. They are presently the most advanced and readily accessible form of lighting we have. Non-rechargeable batteries can supply ample power to them, so that they shine at highest capacity. This is because the battery is not trying to conserve any power. It dishes it out as is required and accessible. This makes battery-run flashlights more strong than rechargeable ones.

When it comes to their features, it is worth mentioning that flashlights today come with many options and features. When buying a flashlight as an every carry you will want to consider the basic advantages and features and then decide whether you need some extra ones.

Beam distance – Beam distance is calculated in meters as the distance from the flashlight to an object or to moonlight space. It is also known as “flood” or “throw”.

Brightness – Most flashlights today use LED bulbs because they are bright and more successful than incandescent ones. The light output is generally measured in lumens and lights can have anywhere from 20 lumens to 2200 or more.

Run time – The one is calculated in hours. Some flashlights can run for a hundred hours or even more in low output mode. For everyday carry models, you should pick a light with a higher lumen output.

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