Bathroom vanity ideas

There isn’t a home design that passes through here that doesn’t have an amazing bathroom idea that is completed with a beautiful modern vanity unit. From ultra contemporary designs with shallow glass basins and waterfall taps, to rustic wood vanities with vessel sinks and matte black faucets, we’ve seen and loved them all. It can be a daunting task to find your ideal vanity cabinet style with so much inspiration to peruse, so we’ve pulled 40 of our favourites together in one cohesive collection. Whether it’s a small single vanity you’re thinking of, or a set of double vanities, we’re sure there’s something here that would splash a bit of style into your scheme.

Got a small space? Don’t worry, so many of us do. The good news is that you don’t have to have a huge bathroom to make it functional. A small space can serve you well, as long as you use it right. The tip here is not to overcrowd your vanity. Take the vanity in this picture as inspiration. It has a small simple gold tray with a couple of little items on it. This allows it to serve a purpose while not cluttering the bathroom.

A vanity will complete the look of a bathroom of any size, offering additional storage, countertop space, personality and so much more. However, all of this depends on the look of bathroom vanity designs that you choose. What style are you going for in your bathroom? Are you into sleek and modern? Or do you like a look that’s more traditional? There are different bathroom vanity ideas to match your style. And also, there are even units in all different sizes. So if you’re concerned about space, you will still be able to find something that fits in perfectly.

When we decided to take on our small powder room (revealed at the beginning on the year HERE), I went back and forth on a pedestal sink vs. a small bathroom vanity. While I do like the look of a lot of pedestal sinks, ours was far too tiny and had almost no room for even a small soap bottle. Ultimately — for both aesthetics and the necessity of added storage — I decided to go for a small vanity for the powder room. Before beginning my search, the idea of the switch was a little overwhelming; I assumed they would be expensive, and the fact that most come unaccompanied by a faucet with set holes for spreads was foreign and new. Another challenge was that with my small little closet of a room, I was limited to a small bathroom vanity with a width of 24 inches or less. Now, almost a year after the initial install, I am so so happy we made the switch from our pedestal sink to a small vanity cabinet — we finally have a place to store hand towels, extra soap, toilet paper, and all the essentials that even the smallest bathrooms need. And, since then, there are already a lot more pretty and affordable 24 inch vanities (and under!) that have become available. Today, I’m sharing 16 favorites in a small bathroom vanity round-up, along with some of the questions I asked myself, challenges I faced, and considerations I kept in mind when planning our little bathroom.

As with any other room of your home, designing a stylish and eye-catching bathroom requires careful planning and attention to the tint details that go on to make a big difference. A vanity plays a big part in shaping this ambiance and choosing the right vanity is as much about color and finish as it is about size and style. While a bathroom vanity in white or wood seem like the ‘safe choice’, something much darker can make a bigger visual impact in your polished, contemporary bathroom. With spa-inspired bathrooms and those in neutral hues currently dominating the trends chart, a black vanity makes plenty of decorating sense.