Advantages of Bathroom Tiles

Have you ever wondered why most of the people choose tiles to decorate our bathrooms? Why not any other material? The reason for that there are many advantages to bathroom tiles. You can get a timeless flooring with the help of these amazing tiles. Not only this, but the shower tiles are also an excellent source of decorating your bathroom environment. 


Here are some of the reasons why you must choose bathroom tiles for your bathroom decor


a). Moisture Resistance 

If you check out the bathrooms, you will see that they are covered with moisture everywhere. Do we have harsh hangers, soaps and shampoos which can damage the flooring, walls and countertops? Talking about the ceramic tiles, these are non-porous and can withstand any type of harsh environment in a beautiful manner. Then there are stone tiles as well which can also be used in the weight environment and save to keep heart chemicals from damaging the surface of the walls and floor. 


b).Easy to Maintain the Wet Environment 

The water is always not easy to maintain. It is always the biggest problem when it comes to the bathrooms and a better environment. The mould which comes with that can make the type of materials used in the wall and flooring harder to maintain than the tiles. Bathroom tiles will laminate and can help in soaking all the water. You can easily maintain all the work environments with the help of bathroom tiles. 


c). Radiant Heating 

Bathroom tiles are one of the perfect matches for radiant heating. These tiles will retain the heat from all the other materials, and when you combine it, this will go for radiant heating. There are other types of materials that will crack and become damaged over time due to the contracting and expanding of the heat cycle. You will never have that problem with the ceramic or stone tiles which are ideally suited for radiant heating. Wouldn’t it be an excellent surprise to step out of the bathtub onto this marble tile and feel the warmth of radiant heating?


d). Long-Lasting Choice 

Whenever you choose tiles for the bathroom, it means you are making a long-lasting and durable choice for yourself. Tiles have a very hard material which makes them long-lasting. If you maintain them properly, you can expect a ceramic tile to last for around 75 years or more than that. In comparison to this, laminates will last for around 5 to 10 years in optimal conditions and only 2 years if they are in high traffic area like the bathrooms. Why do you need to buy rugs if you can have practically forever rank which can be on your bathroom floor?


e). Design Possibilities 

With the bathroom tiles, you will have limitless design possibilities. You might think that the tires are restricted to straight has or geometric designs because they have to be cut by a stonemason. However, that’s not the case. The modern tile designs offer entry gate curbs which are created using water jet technology. This is one of the newest tools that allow you to create a design that you want to on your time and cut it with precision every time. You can easily customise your designs with the intricate curves, different stone materials or circles.¬†


d). Cost-Effective 

Whether stone or ceramic, these cost more than any other type of building materials. However, the advantages of durability and moisture resistance are something which makes them last longer and in better shape. It means that you are actually paying less over time. These tiles are like a work of art in your home and you will never regret the price because it’s worth it

So, what are you waiting for? 

Decorate your bathroom with the top-notch bathroom tiles! 

Leave no stone unturned. 

Happy Decor!