Bathroom lighting ideas

The bathroom is the place most of us start and end our days, so it makes sense it should feel like a peaceful and clean spot where you can relax, revive, and unwind. But if your dim bathroom does not feel particularly appealing, the proper lighting can enhance the space, especially if you are looking to create a luxurious spa-like vibe. To help you accomplish just that, take a gander at our favorite bathroom lighting ideas.

Looking for bathroom lighting ideas to illuminate your bathroom mirror? If you have a fully mirrored walls, you could punctuate through the marble with a wall-mounted design, as shown in the sixth image below. Got a traditional wall mirror? Light it from above, or with wall sconces either side for a traditional look. Fluted glass wall lights will give the space a retro Art Deco vibe, while bulb lighting around a mirror creates a glam Hollywood dressing room effect.

This relates to lighting around the mirror as you will need task lighting to shave, wash and put make-up on. The best way to achieve this is with a light either side of the face. There is a trend now for pendants either side of the mirror instead of walls lights. Pendants such as the Grissini or Penne are an ideal bathroom lighting solution. You could also consider wall lights or frosted strips integrated into mirrors.  Another way to achieve this is with a backlit mirror. Use the Contour HD27 strip to light behind the mirror which will create a floating effect.

You should start planning your bathroom lighting by look at how you use your bathroom. Think of the times of day when you will be there, and whether you have high levels of natural light to play with. Then consider the ambiance you want to create, and when. Are you looking for a lively and energizing space, or for a more relaxing and therapeutic bathroom? The choice is yours. And with the many bathroom lighting options around, including smart lighting and the likes, you will be able to bring your dream bathroom space to life.  

Lights and lamps can absolutely change the space and make it cozier, cooler and more eye-catching. Today we’ve prepared a bunch of adorable light ideas for your bathrooms, and believe me, they can make up the space. Going for hidden lights is a great idea that can turn your bathroom into a super modern space, just make sure that there’s enough light not to make the bathroom gloomy. Pendant lights and even statement chandeliers is the most popular option, being modern, they can have touches of glam, industrial or any other style to fit the space. My favorites are ball pendant lights – just a couple hanging on one side of the mirror, and you bathroom is trendy and gorgeous! Enjoy more fabulous ideas below!