This year is still on, but let us be honest; we all expect it to end. It hit us ruthlessly, took away almost all pleasures. The lockdown has changed the routine, and some say it will never be the old way again. Traveling was not available for most of the year, people lost their jobs and business, and the best scenario was to work from home. At least people get to spend some quality time with families, you may notice. So that’s the crux of the matter

In pandemic conditions, people spent so many hours at home that it has become a burden in a heartbeat. The same picture for months was a challenge, and now we are close to another quarantine. Nothing makes families closer than the process of making decisions together. 

Do some renovation; maybe change the interior in the bathroom. You can create another safe place for rest, meditation, contemplation while lying in a bathtub, etc. You can make a washlet room more comfortable with some purchase or by changing the walls’ color. 

–        It will bring no harm to buy a tankless toilet. Moreover, it will be easier to clean. The dust will not stay in the place of the joint. 

–        Scientists proved that people feel better when nature is around. Nuances of Biophilia is a trend, a culture that helps a person get back to Mother Nature, and it is a source of self- exploration. You can add plants to a bathroom; opt for natural materials for a floor and walls. Calm tones with shades of white, grey, green will work just fine. 

–        Pay attention to tubs and sinks made of stone. Asymmetric forms with imperfections and flaws will add natural motives as if they are handcrafted. 

–        No frame shower with one glass curtain will look minimalistic and aesthetic. Such tricks create airy space and help to feel freer.

–        Being eco-friendly is not a trend; it is a necessity. Smart toilet cleans itself without using harsh chemicals, saves water and energy. It can become an excellent addition to any washroom.

– Using architraves to decorate your bathroom is also one of the most modern design ideas in 2022.

We found out that designers have a bone to pick with furniture fittings, so the trend is to eliminate them. The drawers with a smooth surface, which you can open with a touch, is a must-have not only for bathrooms but also for the rest of the house.

What about the “don’ts”:

–        Do not add extra décor elements that will tire your sight and make the whole interior look plain and cheap

–        A hot tub or Jacuzzi is the top in the list of ant trends. It is massive, takes a lot of space, consumes too much water, and destroys the concept of minimalism and wise consumption. 

–        Avoid complicated patterns and hexagon tiles- it can be the reason for irritation, exceptionally. 

The bathroom now is a safe place where people spend at least a year of their lives. It is a place to hide from family sometimes or have some quality time alone, lying in the bathtub with a book and a glass of wine. This room’s role has changed, and it gives more space for imagination, for freedom, even for taking pictures for social media. 2020 made us reconsider the notion of comfort, and the world around us is not what it used to be. Now the idea “the home is my castle” even closer to the truth than ever before. Make your castle more comfortable to add another place where it is so easy to regain balance and harmony.