Bathroom Fitters Ilford and Their Services

Bathroom Fitters Ilford provide its best services with a lot of experience in their work. You can have everything you need under one roof. The bathroom’s fittings are according to your need. Through home services and a wide range of bathroom fitters and work full of expertise, a happy and satisfied customer is leftover with an almost new look of the bathroom.

Bathroom fitters include all aspects of the bathrooms including showers, bathrooms, sinks, toilets, and storage areas. Many bath fitters work as a team, professionally built. So it is possible to remove old units, install new ones, lay them down, plaster or type walls, paint and decorate, install plumbing, or do electrical work.

As a bathroom fitter/organizer, you will be responsible for overseeing and completing all activities involved in installing and repairing toilets. Tasks may include removing existing units and measuring new ones. You may also be asked to follow plans designed by design teams and to work around existing features such as hidden pipes and units.

The role of the toilet remover includes:

  • Removing and disposing of old units and suites
  • Rate spaces according to planning and design strategies
  • Measuring and cutting worktops
  • Hand tools and power tools are used
  • Identify and mark the location of hidden pipes and cables
  • Evaluating new units and equipment
  • Plumbing in bathrooms
  • Typing walls and laying down
  • Garbage removal at the end of the work
  • Our measurement service provides a comprehensive solution. From dedication and design to installation, we take care of every aspect to give you the dream bathroom. If you are unsure which style and design will best meet your needs, our professional trainers will be able to advise you.
  • Whether you need design, supply and fit, or just fit, we can help.
  • Our experienced and reliable plumbers can do all kinds of plumbing repairs and installations. Our professional solutions combined with our affordable prices make the service incomparable. While the cost of your service will depend on several factors, including project complexity, scale, and requirements, we always aim to offer competitive prices.
Bathroom Fitters Ilford


Bathroom fitters require some useful steps.  The first one is cleaning.  You will have deleted everything that belongs to you before the team arrives and they will start by deleting existing items and installing them.

This will usually mean that the water and central heating systems are turned off due to the risk of leakage. It can be noisy as toilets, tiles and even some cement are removed from the new installations.


Before any new arrangements are put in place by the bathroom fitter, it will be the electrician who starts doing their job. This will mean bringing electricity to the right places to meet the needs – the shower is another example, lighting is one of the other electrical needs. Sometimes a new bathroom does not require this if the electricians remain the same but most of the time, the electrician will check everything regardless.

Walls and pipes

Next, the walls will be prepared for any items they need to get into and make sure the plumbing is working. The bathroom plumbers know that no one wants to be without a toilet, so they work very quickly. If the pipework is replaced, this may take a while.

After that large bathroom items can be added to the room and the shower will ensure that everything is ready. This means there will be dirty water and fresh water and will include a bathtub, sink, shower, and toilet.

Typing and finishing walls

Once the bathroom items are available, it’s time for any typing to be added. This will be around the bathtub, sink, and sometimes downstairs. This makes the room waterproof and prevents water ingress behind tiles where water problems can develop. Typing will also be done at this stage.

If any plaster is needed to make the walls smooth and finished, this can also be done when the tiles are still in place.

Last touch

The final stage will involve the final touch and testing to ensure that everything is working properly. It may involve installing appropriate shelves or cabinets, decorating, and adding lighting fixtures. It will also include checking the electrical and plumbing fixtures to ensure that everything is working properly before the company signs off.