Basket strainers for major uses

Basket strainers are used in a variety of industries, such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. They are used to remove contaminants from liquids that will be used in these industries. Basket strainers can also be used to remove debris from cooling towers and boiler systems. Industrial basket strainers are made to remove solids from liquids that are being processed. They are made of a wide variety of alloys and are very heavy duty too. This is in the way they are able to work and work in very high pressure environments too.

How Does Basket Strainer Work?

When the filter is operating, the water to be filtered enters the basket strainer thru the inlet. It flows through the filter panel. From here, it enters the desired pipe through the process flow outlet. Particle / solid impurities present in the water are stuck inside the basket filter screen. With this continuous flow, more and more particles are caught, and the speed of filtering gets slower over time. However, the transported sewage also runs constantly and the basket filter hole would get narrower and smaller, this results in a pressure differential between the inlet and the outlet.

As the gap between inlet and outlet pressure exceeds the fixed value, the differential pressure sensor transmits the electrical signal to the controller, and the control mechanism begins the drive motor to rotate the shaft via the transmitting element. At the same time, the blowing port is opened and discharge of debris takes place from the blowing port.  As the filter screen is cleaned by blowdown, the differential pressure decreases to the minimum value, the system comes back to the original filtering condition. From here, the system works normally.

The filter element

The filter consists of a casing, several filter components, a backwashing device, a differential pressure regulator, etc. During operation, the liquid reaches the lower chamber of the strainer through the inlet. Also from the inside chamber of the straining element through the diaphragm opening. It is an innovative, effective, and easy-to-use automated filtering system.

Features And Benefits Of The Basket Strainer

People do not always know how important it is for companies to use strainers and filters. For industrial uses, strainers are employed to extract larger unwanted particles. This is particles such as sand, dirt, organic material, and chemical lesions. They are from the pipeline or stream of industrial components. This is all while filters are used to eliminate smaller solids or even chemical components that are not visible.

In situations where fast flow and high pressure are important, the basket strainer is perfect. They are easy to maintain or clean – the cover is removed which allows easy access to the strainer element. This allows them to be easily replaced, washed, or repaired. Two layers of basket strainers are frequently used, and they are called duplex strainers. These are very convenient because they allow the operation to proceed while the strainer is washed or serviced, so there is no need to interrupt the output of the strainers. This makes it quite practical and easy to deal with.


Basket strainers are no longer a simple cast body with a wire mesh filtering element. But are technically, highly refined piece of equipment. It is now used to handle some of the most critical liquids in a challenging system environment. Choosing the right Basket strainer as per the requirement saves money. It is not only by protecting the downstream equipment. But also lowers the operation and maintenance cost of machinery.