Basics of Marine Air Compressor Types

A compressor is one such device that is utilized for a few purposes on a ship. The main aim is to pack air or any liquid to decrease its volume. It is a multipurpose device that finds various applications on a ship. A part of fundamental types of compressors utilized on ships is the main, deck, AC, and refrigeration compressor. Right now, we will find out about air compressors and their types.


It is an equipment with tremendous application in almost all sorts of industries and household necessities. In the marine service industry too, air compressors are used in essential equipment or feeder to various systems. They can be used in many procedures going from a small process of cleaning of filters to bigger and crucial errands, for example, beginning main as well as auxiliary motors. It produces pressurized air by reducing the volume of air and thusly expanding its pressure. Various types of air compressors are utilized according to usage.

In a progressively specialized language, an air compressor can be characterized as a mechanical gadget wherein electrical or mechanical vitality is changed into pressure vitality as pressurized air.

The Air compressor services takes a shot at standards of thermodynamics. As indicated by perfect gas condition with no temperature contrast, with an expansion in vaporous weight, its volume lessens. It takes a shot at a similar standard on which it produces packed air, by lessening the volume of air this decrease in volume brings about an expansion in pneumatic force with no temperature distinction.


• Main
• Topping up
• Deck
• Emergency

Main: It is utilized to supply highly pressurized air to start main and secondary engines. An air compressor has an air storage bottle that stores pressurized air. There are available different pressurizers, yet this capacity is sufficient for turning over a fundamental engine. minimum air pressure required is 30 bars to turn over the main motor. A pressure valve is given which lessens pressure and supplies controlled air from capacity air bottle.

Topping up: This kind of type is utilized to take into account any kind of leakage in the system. It suggests that if there observed any spillage in system topping up compressor conceals leak by starting to lead the pack. With leakage in the system, air compressor decreases beneath essential level which can be recharged to its specific level by fixing up compressor by providing pressurized air.

Deck: It is utilized for deck use and as an assistance air compressor and might have a different service air bottle for the same. These are lower capacity pressure compressors as weight required for service air is an in-between range of 6 to 8 bar.

Emergency: Used for starting the auxiliary engine at the time of emergency or when the main compressor has failed for topping off fundamental air receiver. This kind of compressor can be engine driven or motor-driven. If an engine is driven, it ought to be provided from an emergency source of power.