Baseball – Rules and How To Play It

The Origins Of Baseball

There is evidence that people have played games involving a bat and a ball since the early days of civilization. In the past, in certain cultures such as Persian, Egyptian and Greek, bat and ball games were played for fun and as part of certain ceremonies. Games of this type spread across Europe in the Middle Ages (5th to 15th centuries) and became popular in a variety of ways. Europeans took these bat and ball games to American colonies in the 19th century. XVII. During the century. XVIII was largely considered children’s games. 

What Is Baseball?

Baseball Instruments

The game of Baseball, or Baseball here in Brazil, is one of the most popular games in the world, mainly in the United States. This is a typical American sport that has won fans all over the world and is the most popular in countries like Japan, Cuba, and in many countries in the Caribbean and Central America.

Baseball is a complete sport that requires strength, reflexes, agility, and speed.

Some professional players could certainly be sprinters, others could practice other forms of athletics. Baseball is a team sport where team spirit and collaboration between players on the field are very important.

Baseball is a family sport, where assistance or cheering is made up of families, from grandparents to grandchildren, where the love of the sport is passed on from generation to generation.

How To Play?

Baseball is a bat and ball game that has the same origins as Cricket, Golf, Bet, and other bat games. The first thing to understand a baseball game is to know that in this sport, each team has its Attack Times and Defense Times. A baseball game only ends after 9 Attack / Defense alternations have ended. An Attack / Defense set in baseball is called inning. An inning is equivalent to the set in volleyball, or tennis. There are many rules and regulations to be followed while playing baseball. They created many best baseball books on the rules of baseball and also many other sport games.

The Alternation Between Defense and Attack

During a baseball game, the teams alternate between Defense Times and Attack. The team that is in the Attack, aims to score points and is obliged to go to Defense, whenever they have 3 (three) of their Attack players eliminated. The team that is in Defense, tries to prevent the opposing team from scoring points and seeks to eliminate players from the opponent’s attack. She manages to move from the Defense situation to the Attack situation when she can eliminate 3 attacking players from the opponent.

The Field

Baseball Field

The Baseball field is made up of the main area in the shape of a quarter circle (fair zone), and a secondary area called the dead zone (foul zone). The main area, in turn, is divided into two parts which are the diamond (diamond or infield) and the gardener (outfield).

Outdoor Garden (outfield)

It is the grassy area, external to the field. This area is divided, to place defense players, as follows:

  • Left External Garden
  • Central Outdoor Garden (Center Field)
  • Right Outdoor Garden

In each of these areas, one of the defensive players is positioned. These defensive players have the following denomination:

  • Right Garden Defender or Right Gardener (Righ Fielder)
  • Central Gardener or Central Gardener (Center Fielder)
  • Left Garden Defender or Left Gardener (Left Fielder)

Indoor Garden (infield)

The Indoor Garden (Infield) is the indoor area of ​​the field, from the grassy area to the inside. In this central area, there is a grassy square, at whose vertices (ends) there are the bases of baseball. It is the bases and the ball that gives the name to the game (BASE = Bases BALL = Ball).

(1) The Main Base (HOME BASE) is the one located at the inner central end of the field. This is where the defensive player named Receiver (Catcher), the Chief Judge (Umpire) and the Hitter (Batter) are located. The Receiver is the Defender of the Main Base. The Hitter is the Attack player of the opposing team that tries to hit the ball thrown by the Pitcher. The Pitcher is located in the central region of that square grassy area, in a region slightly elevated to the rest of the field called Mount (Mount).

(2) First Base is the base located at the right end of the grassy square. This region of the field is defended by the player called First Base Defender;

(3) Second Base is the base located in the inner central part of the grassy inner square on the baseball field. This region is defended by the Second Base Defender;

(4) Third Base is the base located on the left part of the grassy square. It is defended by the Defense player called the Third Base Defender;

In addition to the Defenders of the Bases (Infielders), the Defenders of the Outer Garden (Outfielders) and the Pitcher (Pitcher), there is a last Defense player positioned between the Second and Third Bases. This player is called Interbases (Short Stop).

The Game

The Baseball game is divided into nine times called innings where each entry has two parts. In the first half, the home team plays defense and the visiting team plays in attack and the second half, the roles are reversed. There is no tie in a game of Baseball. If the game is tied at the end of the ninth entry, new entries are played until, at the end of one of them, the game is broken.

The Players

Each baseball team is made up of nine players and, during the defense, they are distributed as follows: a pitcher (P) in the center of the diamond making the pitches, a catcher (C) crouching behind the plate home to receive these throws, a player “guarding” each base (first, second and third baseman – 1B, 2B, and 3B), a player who assists the base guard called shortstop – SS and three players called of gardeners (right, center and left fielder – RF, CF, and LF) in the outer part of the field. Initially, when the team is on the attack, they only have one player on the field, which is the batter. During the match, if this team is playing well, it can have up to four players on the field simultaneously

The Point or Race

The Run point is scored when the Runner has passed all the Bases and has returned to the Main Base. The Baseball Point is not marked by the Ball, but by the Player, the Runner in the case. That is why the point is also called Run. This is usually because the Runner comes in the Race, coming from the Third Base to the Main Base, after a Hit Hit from the Hitter.

Corridor Objectives

The Batter, after being considered Saved by the corresponding Base Judge, becomes entitled to the base and becomes a Runner.

The objective of the Runner is to conquer the next base, consecutively until conquering the Main Base (Home Base). The moment the Runner conquers the Main Base, he scores a point, or also called Run, for the team. The Runner can conquer the following Base in several ways:

(1) Pushed, or pushed, by the batter’s valid hitting. This occurs when the Hitter, in turn, hits an indefensible ball (Hit). Whenever a hit occurs, the Runner should run to the next Base. He must arrive at Base before the ball is dominated and thrown to the Keeper of the respective base to be conquered by the runner. If the base is stepped on or touched by the base defender, with the ball dominated in his hands, before the runner touches the base, the Runner will be Eliminated (Out) and returns to the bench. He can also be eliminated if he is touched by the defender with the dominant ball while not stepping on the base.

(2) ” Stealing ” the Base (Steal). This occurs when the Runner shoots the run towards the next Base while the Pitcher is in the process of shooting to the Receiver (Catcher). It needs to be very fast because the Receiver will quickly throw the ball to the corresponding Base Defender and if the ball arrives early and the Runner is touched with the ball, he will be Eliminated (Out).

(3) ” Winning ” the “grace” basis (Walk). This occurs when there is a runner at the bases and the Pitcher commits an irregularity in the sequence of permitted movements. When this irregularity occurs, the runner gains the next base “for free”. This right to win the next base is called, in English, Walk (walk, walk), because the hitter can walk to the next base, with no obligation to run as in hitting. If he is in Third Base, he gains the right to advance to the Main Base, and he can score a Point or Race.

TO Better Understand

Now you know the basics of baseball rules. To clarify your doubts and better understand how the sport works, we recommend that:

– Watch the games & read best baseball books. For sure you will soon understand the sport better. Currently, ESPN and Fox Sports have the rights to broadcast MLB matches to Brazil.

– Play games about sport. Video games are very intuitive and you quickly begin to understand the dynamics of the moves.