Barrett Shepherd Shares His Passion for Revolutionizing e-Commerce Fulfillment

Picture the scene. Your e-commerce company is growing. You’re inundated with orders, and you’re attracting more customers with each passing day. There’s only one problem. You’re struggling to meet increasing demand, and face a major challenge in shipping goods to your customers in a timely fashion. Fortunately, with the rise of dedicated e-commerce fulfillment companies such as Simpl Fulfillment, the trouble of getting your products out to customers is a thing of the past.


“Like everyone else, I’ve experienced the frustration of an item I’ve purchased online being delayed or never arriving at all,” explained Simpl Fulfillment founder Barrett Shepherd. “I found it to be a huge issue in the world of e-commerce and a gap in the market that needed addressing. So I put my thinking cap on and went to work.” The result is Simpl Fulfillment, a company which Barrett started in a small office in Austin when he was $7k in debt. It now turns over seven figures in revenue on an annual basis. 


Barrett has made it his goal to revolutionize e-commerce fulfillment.

“My solution to the problem was simple,” explained Barrett. “Any e-commerce business which is expanding can benefit greatly from a simple pack and ship solution.” Simpl Fulfillment clients can send their inventory to a secure warehouse in Austin and download an app that enables them to connect their shopping cart to a cloud-based service, which allows them real-time access to order and inventory data. Simpl Fulfillment connects to every significant marketplace and automatically ships out orders as they come in.  


Barrett said, “The entire process is streamlined to completely take the burden off the client’s shoulders and guarantee flawless service. We can ship out orders the same day if they’re received by 2 p.m. CST, and one of the things we pride ourselves most upon is our personal touch. Each client is allocated a dedicated account manager. When you contact us with an issue, you will not receive a robotic or automated service, but an individual who is committed and fully versed in your business’s needs.”


Barrett and his team are continually looking for ways to enhance the process, including AI, Barrett loves working with people, and when things run smoothly without any hiccups whatsoever. Simpl Fulfillment is leading a revolution in e-commerce, and Barrett is spearheading change. From harnessing cutting edge technology to implementing streamlined processes, Simpl Fulfillment is leading by example.