Barefoot Training: Is The Fad Worth Trying?

There is a recent trend in the fitness industry whereby people are skipping athletic footwear altogether. Yes, people are working out in their bare feet, and advocates of barefoot training claim there are many benefits  to it. Let us explore everything we need to know about barefoot training. 

Pro: Suitable For Any Budget

Athletic footwear can get very pricey, and many people can’t afford to buy high-quality training shoes. Obviously, it costs nothing to go barefoot. This means that if you follow this fad, you don’t have to ask “are no bull shoes worth it?” or  worry about the costs of replacing shoes when they are damaged. Your feet will handle everything on their own, so long as you are injured. Which brings us to our next point:

Con: No Protection From The Elements

For centuries and centuries, people have worn shoes primarily to provide protection. Shoes, whether athletic or not, are made to protect your feet from a lot of things that can injure them. Shoes protect your feet from cold weather, the hot ground, cuts from sharp objects on the floor, and much more. Going barefoot means you will need to guarantee that your workout will not have any hazardous things on the floor, or you might need to workout entirely on a mat, which isn’t always easy. Some training routines can’t be done entirely indoors, which makes it difficult to incorporate barefoot training. 

Pro: Better Flexibility And Balance

Advocates of working out barefoot will tell you that wearing shoes is unnatural. When children are first learning to walk, it’s usually recommended that they do so barefoot. Experts believe that we can learn to sense the floor better this way. This is known as proprioception, and it  describes having perception of your body as it moves. Walking or workout barefoot allows us to perceive our movements better and helps improve balance. 

Additionally, research has shown that padding in shoes removes pressure from the muscles of the feet and ankles, and thus these muscles don’t work as hard. Working out barefoot allows the muscles in the feet and ankles to grow stronger to try and stabilize your body. Remember that although canals in your ears are responsible for balancing your body, they are useless unless the base of your body is stable. Of course, the feet and the ankles are the base of your body and so making sure they are strong is import here, 

Whether barfoot training or athletic footwear is the better choice for you – most people need to start working out in any way you see fit. We cannot tell you which option is the best for you. Everyone has their needs and preferences, and you may not feel comfortable ditching your trainers just yet. All we can say is that it has worked for many people so far, and it wouldn’t hurt to try it. After realizing the advantages and drawbacks of training barefoot, there is nothing left but to try it for yourself and form a subjective opinion to make a better decision about your workout style.