Barbecues with a lot of flavor with these electric grills: let’s eat!

Meat lovers will surely enjoy a good barbecue. However, it may be the case that at home we are not lucky enough to have a terrace or garden where we can mount it. Luckily, there are equally valid alternatives such as electric grills. These small appliances can be used both indoors and outdoors and where we can prepare all kinds of grilled food: meat, fish, vegetables…

Cooking with an electric grill will allow us to eat healthier since we will barely need oil and our dishes will be just as tasty. In the market we can find different models and it is possible that we do not know very well how to choose the most suitable one based on our needs. From Topes de Gama we want to help you through this complete guide. We will tell you what characteristics these grills should have and what are the best purchase options.

What are electric grills?

When we talk about a grill, we are referring to a small appliance that we can use to prepare food on a grill that is responsible for providing a constant heat source. Since there is no flame, we will not need to use other fuels such as coal or gas. This makes it possible for us to use them both indoors and outdoors, since they are also small, portable, and can be easily stored. They are perfect for cooking different foods, whether meat, vegetables, or fish.

Grills may feature a grate on which the food is placed situated above an electrical element and a lower drip tray is positioned to catch any extra fats and juices released from the food as it cooks. Another style is the solid grill with deep grooves where fat and juices collect, which can be used later as sauces to drizzle over food.

Features to consider

If we decide to buy an electric grill, there are a number of features that we must take into account before buying. In this way, we can choose the model that best suits our needs.

  • Power – Possibly the most important feature. The higher the power, the more food we can cook on it and the shorter the cooking time. If we are going to cook meat or fish with it, the ideal is that they have more than 1800 W of power.
  • Size and weight: this is another important section since the size should depend on the place where we are going to cook from, as well as the place where we are going to store it. You must have a size that fits correctly. In addition, it will also depend on how many people are going to eat on a regular basis. The weight is important if we are going to use it many times and the place where it is stored is not close.
  • Adjustable temperature: so that we can cook each food at the desired temperature it is important that it can be regulated.
  • Non-stick: to prevent food from sticking and to be easier to clean, models with a tray must contain a non-stick system.
  • Cleaning: another important factor, since it must be comfortable to clean. In general, it should be possible to clean with a damp cloth for resistance and the tray with soap and water. It should be removable. Some models may be dishwasher compatible.
  • Anti-drip tray: if it is located in the lower part, it can be filled with water that can be used to pour some species so that the food acquires that authentic flavor. It is important that you do not run out of water during use. In this way, the smoke that can be produced when the fat falls on the tray will be avoided.
  • Safety – The heating element should automatically shut off when the grill is removed from the kamado bbq UK.
  • Cover: some models have a removable cover to protect food from wind and splashes. In addition, it provides optimal heat distribution.
  • Price : another factor to take into account when choosing the desired model since depending on our budget we will have access to a certain product or another with more or less functionality.

Once we have seen all the features to consider before buying an electric grill, we are going to see what are the best options available. This is something that we are going to see based on its price.

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