Bangladesh is going to be the Next Sourcing Hub

Yes, the next sourcing hub is Bangladesh.


Look, Bangladesh has become the largest sourcing hub of apparel and textile many years ago.

Now many other sectors are growing. Many multinational and local companies started their production line is Bangladesh

Why Bangladesh is the Best Choice for All Investors?

Just look,

Who is the fastest growing economy in the world?   

Who has ready market for sale?

Huge consumption capacity?

Infrastructure development?

Where many mega projects are running at the same time?

Who can supply cheapest labor?

All the answer is Bangladesh.

That is why Bangladesh is the best choice for all investors.

Growing Sectors in Bangladesh

Apparel and Textile

I have already mentioned that Bangladesh is the largest source of apparel and textile. You can source any kind of apparel and textile in Bangladesh. You can find all mega projects in the apparel sector only in Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh you can place millions of pieces order in one factory; they can delivery within your time range without doing any sub contract or job work.

In apparel sector, only Bangladesh can give you this facility.

Smart Phone

Bangladesh is going to be the next smart phone production hub. Already Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi and the big name Samsung started their production in Bangladesh. Nokia will start their production in 2020.

Walton the Bangladeshi local smart phone brand has production their smart phone and export in many countries.

Consumer Electronics

In the consumer electronics department Bangladesh is growing very fast. Bangladeshi brand “Walton” is very famous in many countries. Many multinational consumer electronics brand start their production here. Especially Bangladesh is now a trusted name in smart TV, smart freeze, and washing machine production.


Bangladesh is growing fast in the automobile sector. Especially in the two wheeler, Bangladesh is now producing for its own market as well as export market.

Famous Japanese brand Honda started their production in Bangladesh. Yamaha is going to start their production very soon.

Many Chinese and Indian two wheeler brands already established their production units here.

In the four wheeler sector, famous Japanese brand “Mitsubishi” and Malaysian brand “Proton” are now assembling vehicles in Bangladesh.   


Bangladesh is one of the largest cement producing country in Asia. Many multinational brand like Cemex, Lafarge have establish their production unit here. They are selling their products in the local market as well as foreign market.

Leather and Leather Products

The quality of Bangladeshi leather is the best in the world. Many famous European leather goods brands are using Bangladeshi leather as raw material for many years. Now they have come to Bangladesh and producing their products.  


Bangladesh is now producing many types of industrial and agricultural spare parts and equipment. Entrepreneurs are now selling spare parts and equipment in the local market as well as many Asian countries.

Sea Going Ship Building

Bangladesh has become one of the main hub of sea going ship building in the reason. Many Asian and European countries are now buying sea going vessels Bangladeshi ship building yards.

Out Sourcing

Bangladesh has become one of the main sources of digital marketing and SEO agencies. Many European and American companies are now hiring digital marketing and SEO agencies from Bangladesh for boosting their business.

End Words

There are many other investment opportunities are here in Bangladesh. You can also invest in Bangladesh for growing your business more.

Here you will get a big consumer market for your products or services. 

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