Bandarqq AOV X One Punch Man Collaboration, PkvGames !

Arena of Valor (AOV) has officially Bandarqq entered into a partnership with One Punch Man and will present characters in the form of skins from the popular Anime.

The Genos character will be delivered as a skin for Hero Errol and The Terrible Tornado will soon be available as a skin for Hero Krixi through a special event.

On the other hand, AOV hero Raz will also help her defeat Horizon Valley enemies in Saitama costume.

Get Raz’s Saitama Pkv Games Cosplay Skin for FREE!

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the AOV, all Raz’s Saitama Pkv Games challengers will receive a FREE Cosplay Skin by simply completing gaming missions.

This special collaboration mission will be available on November 1, 2021, so don’t forget to play AOV and complete the mission to get that cool skin. Errol X Genos

Hero Errol gets Genos Skin with great looks and skill effect. Genos skills are created this way and adapted to the appearance of Anime.

You’re sure to be amazed at what Skill 2 Errol looks like when Skin Genos is used in battle.

Krixi X terrible tornado

In addition to Cosplay Saitama and Genos, the famous character Anime One-Punch Man, Terrible Tornado will also be available as Skin by Hero Krixi.

Although Tornado Terrible resembles a little girl, she has very strong telekinesis skills. He is also a Level 2 Class 2 hero registered with the Hero Association.

We changed the look of Krixi’s Skill when he used Awesome Tornado Skin to pair with his telekinesis in Anime. Even if he uses Ultimate Skill, his intimidating expression will prevent his opponents from moving.

For more information on the special cooperation of AOV X One Punch Man, wait only on the social networks of Garena AOV Indonesia.

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