Balancing Work and Newborn With Mumli App

Are you a working mother? Then you know just how hard it can be to juggle work and parenting, especially if you’re invested in always being there for your child. Most of us struggled with organizing long before we became mothers! To-do lists, work tasks, meetings, collection of blog posts, message threads, albums of photographs—they are saved somewhere on our phones, no one knows where. This can be frustrating, especially when you need information quickly. If your child is struggling with something and you need to know how to help, it’s a matter of minutes! Well, this is where the Mumli app comes in.

What is Mumli?

If you have a smartphone, you can easily download Mumli and join a community of like-minded women who are struggling and succeeding together in navigating motherhood. With Mumli, you will get help in the form of useful pregnancy, delivery, post-partum and parenting tips. Also, you will be surrounded by women who know what it’s like to be confused and overwhelmed—expect support when you need it. It’s also a great way to vent because that’s sometimes all you need to do when it feels like the whole world is on your shoulders.

Who birthed Mumli?

One of the greatest things about Mumli is that it was created by regular mothers just like you. During the pandemic’s harshest hit, these moms had some free time at home, so they put their heads together and created a great app that will be useful for all types of mothers. With this app, they provided all moms with a space that will serve both babies and mothers, because the information variety you can find there is endless and very diverse, covering all spheres of pregnancy and motherhood and everything in between.

Best Mumli features

Since there are many apps out there created to be helpful for mothers, why should you choose this one in particular? Here’s a scenario that’s probably familiar to you: If you’re a thoughtful mother, you know that your phone is brimming with random screenshots, saved posts, long message threads and other random things connected to motherhood. And if you add work stuff to that mess, your phone quickly turns into a pile of information and tasks that are impossible to rely on. Well, Mumli is here to help. One of the greatest things about the practical Mumli app for mothers is the fact that it helps with organizing. It’s here to untangle the mess of information, save them into neat categories and allow you to always be able to access just what you need.

Mumli helps you compartmentalize—make a distinction between your work life and your motherhood life, which can be great for mental health. You’ll get access to your personal collections, other mothers’ collections, your photo albums, personally curated list of blog posts and many other things.

Is it easy to use?

You definitely don’t need to add another complicated thing to your life, and you don’t have to. Mumli is very easy to use: you download it, create your profile, find other mothers to connect with and access curated content that is relevant, relatable and informative over your feed. You can create posts, ask questions, vent to other moms and organize your motherhood life in one place. One thing that’s unique to Mumli is the option to record your child’s special moments and keep them safe and organized so you can show off or cherish them later.

Motherhood is crazy hard, especially if you’re not giving up on your career, but you don’t have to do it alone. There are legions of other moms happy to help. Sign up for early access to Mumli and you will get another ally on your side to make your motherhood happy, stress-free and smooth.