Bad Food Chewing Habits And How To Stop Them

In this blog, we’ll cover some of the most common chew-related mistakes as well as what you can do to avoid them.

Bad chewers chew while they’re eating, chew while they’re talking and chew while they’re watching the TV.

It’s not only bad manners, but it can lead to some serious health problems such as TMJ disorder or even stress caused by excessive chewing.

Let’s start the blog to cover how to stop bad habits and chew correctly so you’ll never have to worry about these problems again.

Chew Your Food Quite

The first step is to chew quietly. This means no munching, no crunching and definitely no smacking your lips.

Not only is it annoying for those around you, but it’s also bad for your teeth. When you chew loudly, you’re putting unnecessary stress on your jaw and molars.

This can lead to jaw pain, tooth damage and even gum recession.

To avoid this, chew slowly and quietly, making sure to chew with your mouth closed. If you need a little extra help, try chewing on sugar-free gum or mints.

These will help keep your mouth busy and quiet while you chew. You can chew as long as you need to until your food is fully digested. (Source: soundproofarmy)

People chew for many reasons. When one eats, he or she breaks the food down by chewing to make it easier for their digestive system to absorb nutrients from the food they eat.

While this is good in theory, when bad habits are learned; whether they are subconscious or not, people can chew loudly and be disruptive to others around them.

Keep Your Mouth Close

When people chew with their mouths open, they are more likely to drop food particles on their clothes or the floor.

It is also unappetizing and rude to others when someone is seen eating in such a manner.

It is one thing to chew with an open mouth when there are no people around, but it’s completely different when in public.

Take Smaller Bites and don’t drink while eating

There’s a lot of chewers who tend to take big bites and chew them for so long that they forget they actually need to put food in their mouth.

By taking smaller bites, you will chew less and it’ll be easier for your stomach to digest the food properly.

However, you should drink only after you’re done eating, not while you chew.

Drinking water while you chew is one of the most common bad habits and it can lead to stomach aches or bloating.

It’s true that chewing food with teeth might seem a little bit weird, but small bits won’t make a noticeable noise while you chew them.

Moreover, it will take you less time to chew your food and you’ll actually taste it better.

If you’re having trouble with this, start with an apple or some other soft fruit and chew slowly.

You will gradually get used to the sensation and after a while, you won’t even have to think about it.

Don’t Mumble

Mumbling is another bad habit that can irritate others. There are many people who chew loudly when in groups or with other people.

This is especially true with children, who feel free to chew with their mouths open because there’s nothing quite like the sound of noisily crunching food between one’s teeth.

The mumbling that occurs when chewing with the mouth open is quite distracting to those around.


Please chew quietly and chew properly! Remember, chew thoroughly, chew slowly and chew with your mouth closed.

When you do these things, you will be a positive example for others around you instead of being someone who disrupts people’s enjoyment of watching television or enjoying time with family and friends.