Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Artificial Grass in Toronto

When you move into a new home, your backyard is a blank canvas ready for design, decor, and landscaping stylings to become your personal space. Many homeowners looking to transform their backyards turn to artificial grass installation as the foundation for their landscaping ideas. One of the great benefits of artificial grass inToronto is that it is not limited to how it’s used, where it’s used, or for whom.

If you’re looking for ways artificial grass in Toronto can be used for your backyard landscaping, you’ve come to the right place. 

  1. Replace the Whole Yard – Simple but effective, a complete replacement of your natural grass backyard will be functional and easy. Artificial grass for backyards is especially valuable for new parents and pet owners who want to give their kids or four-legged friends space to play, run, and exercise safely. When you browse suppliers of artificial grass in Toronto online, you can select the length and look of the turf for your backyard. When you opt for a whole yard replacement, artificial grass in Toronto will remain in good condition for over 15 years.
  2. Decks & Balconies – Artificial grass in Toronto can be installed on any surface, including wooden decks and concrete patios. If you have hardscaping in your backyard, an artificial grass installation adds an element of green that is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. The comfortable artificial grass surface offers homeowners comfort and texture. So when installed on decks, you can go in and out of your home barefoot without getting your feet dirty or wet. Paired with wood, artificial grass makes the perfect zone for barbecues or relaxing alone time in the backyard.
  3. Paving Stones – Due to its vibrant colouring and versatility, artificial grass in Toronto pairs well with paving stones. Installing artificial grass in home pathways or patios is a decorative touch that adds a spark to neutral outdoor tones. This is also an effective way to use scraps leftover from another artificial grass installation. In addition to being beautiful to look at, artificial grass facilitates drainage around stones. After heavy rainfalls, snow, other inclement weather, moisture and excess water will easily slide off stones through the permeable surface of the turf without backing up or collecting, helping to reduce slips and bacteria.
  4. Swimming Pools – If you’re thinking about installing a swimming pool as the centrepiece of your backyard, then artificial grass in Toronto is the perfect addition for the surrounding area. The green against the blue water is eye-catching and inviting. The well-draining surface and padding help reduce slips or injuries while entering and exiting the swimming pool, no matter how much splashing is happening inside.
  5. Putting Greens & Other Games – Artificial grass installation services in Toronto can turn open space in the backyard into high-quality putting greens. The Echoing Green team offers design services to install custom putting greens with specialized artificial grass in Toronto. Putting greens and other grass-oriented backyard games are perfect for families, friends, and entertaining.
  6. Play Areas – Because of the flexibility and durability of artificial grass in Toronto, you can build custom play areas for pets and kids. The non-toxic artificial grass installation will keep loved ones safe from bacteria, germs, weeds, and harsh chemicals. Parents can also opt for various colours and patterns for a bright, fun play zone.

Contact the Echoing Green team to bring your custom artificial grass vision to life in Toronto. 

Michael Caine

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