Backlinks: How to improve your SEO rankings


In this article we will talk about all types of backlinks that can be built, we will teach you how to do it and how it should be incorporated to get the maximum impact on SEO.

Everything we discuss here is practiced daily at Softplux and feeds the ratings of our website. This guide on backlinks will discuss, in detail, all the different types of backlinks including PBN backlinks. You can buy PBN backlinks or create them on your own.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are external links from other sites that point to your site. When site A directs to site B, you can say that site B has just acquired a backlink from site A.

Why are backlinks important?

Search engines (especially Google) use backlinks as a ranking factor.

Backlinks are seen as references and recommendations for content. The more backlinks from relevant sites you have pointing to your site, the more relevant it will be in the eyes of Google and the better placement you will have on the first page.

It is the same as in real life, the more people recommend a movie, a restaurant, or a song, the more interest you will have in knowing and seeking to know. Google works the same way.

The more backlinks (quality + relevant) your site acquires, the greater your content, and the more relevant traffic will reach your site.

How to get backlinks?

Backlinks are divided into 2 main types:

  1. Built
  2. Acquired

This means that some links you can build. This happens through:

  • Links on social networks
  • Blog Comments
  • Forum subscription links
  • Google My Business

Other links you can purchase or earn generally through link building, with other blogs or industry news sites. 

Although there are only two real types of links, there are three ways to obtain backlinks.

  • Ramp-up
  • Acquire (Naturally or Not)
  • Purchase

We will try to divide and organize this guide with backlinks that you can “Build” x “Win”. 

Buying links is not recommended, as it can cause serious SEO problems on your site. That’s because Google analyzes and notes which sites are pointing to yours and you could be punished with a low score if it reads as spam.

We recommend only getting links from very reliable suppliers. Some tools like SemRush help to work on link building, listing reliable sites with positive domain score, and low toxic rate. 

What makes a link good?

Some properties make a link good, and knowing how to assess link opportunities is a crucial skill to be developed for a successful SEO campaign.

Things that make backlinks good:

  • Authority
  • Relevance
  • Traffic

Backlinks to avoid

So far, we’ve talked a lot about the links you should get, what types, and how to get them. But, as important as the links you get, is the one you decide to avoid. 

The key to mastering this (without having to memorize a lot of things) is to learn to identify a “bad link” – and avoid being associated with it.