Bachelor Party Vacation in Reno Nevada Ideas During the Day and Night

Reno was at the end of many jokes I can remember, and unfortunately, it has always been “Nevada’s other casino city.” While it is easy to make the comparisons, they are actually more than just other Vegas and even have a lot of personality around themselves. It’s also close enough to the bay for a weekend drive and a short drive from Southern California and Seattle with plenty of direct flights. There is so much to do in Reno, but here are four of our favorite reasons for your next weekend!

Pine State Biscuits

The latest Portland-based company to set up a store in Renault is Pine State Biscuits. Your quest for the perfect homemade buttery and flaky cake is over. This Reno brunch spot serves specialties like blueberry corn pancakes, real biscuits, Mediterranean-style salsa, or “reggae” – fried chicken, bacon, cheese, and sauce. This is where the southeast meets the northwest for a fusion of flavors made in heaven.

Air Show

National Championship air races, also known as Renault Air Races, are a fifty-year-old tradition that departs from Reno Stade Airport a few miles north of the city. The race features spectacular multi-aircraft races ranging from three to eight miles. Racing airplanes range from WWII airplanes to modern-day aircraft and everything in between, many of which are made by yourself. The parade also includes aerial acrobatics and military flying shows, static displays of vintage military aircraft, and vendors and food stalls (found everywhere!). On the following site, you will find updated event dates and entrance fees.

Reno Arch

The famous Reno Arch Street currently lights the night sky as it rises above Virginia Street and commercial in the entertainment district. Since its inception in 1926, it has been transported around the city of the Nevada Intercontinental Express. After the exhibition, the city fathers held a competition for the city slogan, and the phrase “the largest small city in the world” was coined. In November 2009, Renault replaced 2,076 incandescent bulbs in Reno Arch with energy-efficient LEDs, whose colors are changed periodically to match special events and celebrations in the city. Get some Reno strippers for your event.

The Bluebird

With Reno’s intriguing mix of cowboys, cannibals, tattoos, and the burning man, there is no doubt that BlueBird Nightclub is one of the most popular stops for an evening out. Located in the up and coming distillery, BlueBird Nightclub is a club and music venue specializing in sound quality, comfortable seating, and a large bar with various creative drinks. They even have a free water station. In addition to house music, reggae, and 1980s music from local and regional bands, The BlueBird also offers aerial yoga shows, costume nights, local arts, light shows, and special holiday events.


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