Baby Teeth Care Products Market 2022 New Technological Development Projecting Massive Growth till 2032

The baby teeth care products market is forecasted to registering 2.5% CAGR during the forecast period (2022-2032) and projected to reach US$ 1.71 Bn by 2032.

Oral diseases are the most common diseases that affects half of the population in the world. Early childhood caries (ECC) or baby bottle tooth decay is the primary concern for baby oral care. The bacteria that are responsible for tooth decay, gets transmitted to infants through kissing or sharing spoon. Rising awareness among parents for baby care products drives the baby teeth care market.

Baby bottle tooth decay or ECC is often found in case of infants and toddlers. Children younger than two years are often suffered by this prevalent disease (ECC). Companies like Colgate-Palmolive often educates consumers about ECC and preventive measures to avoid it. Therefore, preventive measures from ECC will drive the demand for baby teeth care products in the market. Baby teeth care starts from caring baby’s gum as it acts as a placeholder for teeth.

Baby Teeth Care Products Market: Market Dynamics

Due to food swallowing nature of babies under the age of 2 years, they are more prone to tooth decay or ECC diseases. Thus, dentists recommend using of cavity-preventing fluoride toothpaste. In response to the concern over enamel fluorosis, which rises due to fluoride, some manufacturer launched low fluoride ‘paediatric’ toothpaste containing less than 600 ppm fluoride.

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Generally, there are several types of baby teeth care products available in the market. A key factor driving the growth of baby teeth care products market is the increasing awareness to reduce the incidences of early childhood caries (ECC) or baby bottle tooth decay.

Baby Teeth Care Products Market: Recent Developments

Colgate as a manufacturer of oral hygiene products, it produces baby teeth care products such as Colgate Smiles Baby Toothpaste (0-2Y). The company also helps the society to increase the awareness about baby teeth care and related diseases. In baby teeth care products category, some companies are also comping up with innovative baby wipes. In 2018, Bey Bee launched toxin free baby wipes first in India.

In 2018, A Tucson, AZ, pediatrician had introduced wipes for babies which are intended to fight cavities.

Baby Teeth Care Products Market: Regional Outlook

The baby teeth care products market is expected to register a healthy growth across all the geographies during the forecast period. The ECC and other dental related diseases are likely to drive market for baby teeth care products. China and India which are considered as emerging countries, have larger population with oral diseases such as tooth decay, periodontal disease in babies etc. As per FDI World Dental Federation, more than 3 billion people are affected by oral diseases and this number is also high for babies.

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As a preventive measures, parents are now focused on baby teeth care products which further drives the baby teeth care products market. The U.S. accounts for major market share for baby teeth care products due to major presence of manufacturer over there, better technology infrastructure, increase in adoption in innovative and baby care products and rising awareness about baby gum & teeth related diseases.

Additionally, other developed regions such as Europe and Oceania are projected to showcase steady growth in the global baby teeth care products market due to growing awareness among parents, and growth in hospitals.