Baby Egypt’s style is all his own. In today’s musical/entertainment market where it is hard to stand out and be your own person and still garner fans and clients, somehow Egypt has been able to accomplish this task by drawing people in as if he was the direct source of gravity at his live shows. His brand “FuKKK The Fame” is a brand of rebellious substance. It brings a professional straightforward side to the business world. He’s found out a way to make his City (Pittsburgh, PA) a hotspot for artist not only his city but artist from all over the world. Through live energy, raw lyrics and catchy choruses Baby Egypt has tapped into a void that has been missing in music today. His hard work and dedication is second to none and work ethic is a proven model for success. With a library of musical collections within Egypt’s repertoire it helps him to stand out as an artist and think outside the box. It will be a difficult task to compare him to others before him because he has carved out his own lane of music through originality and a style that dares to be different. Through consistency and hard work Baby Egypt is starting to see his dreams turn into reality. It will be a matter of time before Baby Egypt becomes a household name. Through Baby Egypt’s music and stage presence he will become a force to reckon with as he continues to make his mark and set the bar higher and higher. Stream Baby Egypt’s music and follow up with all of his upcoming projects on his Official website