To our crypto money service with cutting-edge technology to our life. Now we live all over the world. With the arrival of crypto money in our lives, it has become possible to buy and pay with money. Axie Dai Coin has been on the agenda lately, with a rapidly small and nowadays a technology manufacturing.

Axie Dai Coin, BlockAD “developed its own payment systems on the blockchain and ethereum network and presented it to the world market.” All can have Axie Dai Coin, 5% money can be reasonable for shopping and excessive purchases with Axie Dai cards. Having the latest technology in the developing world, Axie Dai Card has come from a Crypto production from investment, which he has curiously studied with all previous crypto money history. The famous exchange announced that it is negotiating for Axie Dai Coin to be listed on its own exchanges.

The mobile application will be completed soon for Axie Dai Card users, and Axie Dai Card users will be able to easily access their balances. The mobile application will be available in all official markets. Also, Axie is given and received without being checked by official cryptocurrency controls. To benefit from the whitelist, the date of application for use and pre-sale is 11 October at 06:00 UTC